Your psychology – what if it is your high school?

I have a full time job as an older manufacturer for famous soap opera. I am naturally curious about relationships and asked the question, what happens if your psychologist is your high school? She's 26 years old, 18. What if he has his teacher in his chest? What if she got lost on him?

This is a content that is so controversial that most would consider such a relationship wrong. The fact is, the world is full of relationships with much more age. My partner is 25 years younger than I am. You've probably guessed one reason why the subject is interested in me.

No senior person understands teachers who of course contact a student. But what if? What if your companions are your high school? How would you know? My very insane partner had three dreams about me in ten years. I was always in the same clothes as I was last night when we met. We knew.

I believe life gives us what we need when we need it and we need to keep track of the evidence. My partner is a wonderful talented psychologist with some guides who have pointed out hundreds of people in the right direction.

I seek to find answers to questions Everyone is looking for in their lives – what is my purpose? Who is my soul mate? What is my reason for being? Did I find the answers? Maybe something for me. Maybe something for you?


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