Your IT technology should not suck – does it?

One of my first IT jobs was a small business where I was the Information Technology Center (beautiful word for desktop in the small corner of the big room).

One day I had to step in when the HR person was ill for a week. We were interviewing my position as I had given in my notice to leave the company and spread my wings.

It was a fun experience to review people's work story. Most sentences were rather bad, to tell you the truth. On the way they were written, nothing jumped up to attract my attention. Most of them were like a piece of paper, blah blah …. i did this and did it, sort of thing.

But fortunately, some were not like that at all. The way they were written made "Live & # 39; & # 39;. Here are a few things I noticed immediately:

  1. They were written in an active voice.
  2. They did not use too much and I.
  3. They recorded their performance rather than their duties and # 39;.

Some serve as a bad example.

Aghast I realized how boring to stay with me! After comparing the good to the bad, I realized that I was not so keen to keep writing either. You see, most of us just throw information technology back together and do not realize how important it is. That's the way in front of the door. Your refurbishment can either make you or break you. To write a lot new that makes people read it through, you must know how to write one. But I could not be in trouble with this task. So I paid to get one professional equipment. It went well. I paid it once and it continued to get me work because after researching it I recognized the methods that professionals use to do again and live. "So when I had to change a new one, I used to I just have the same technology.

Here's a checklist that you can run on your information technology through 1. Is it read as a brochure and sell your talents or read more like a store? Solution: Use an action word to to live up. You are the product and the sign-up is your brochure. Emphasize what the & nbsp; benefits of the product are.

2. Do you have the heading & responsibilities? Included? & nbsp; Solution : This is boring. Write your responsibility as follows:

* The problem you were facing, * The action you took to fix it, * The result that came out of that action

3 Are you me? ki with experience for your new position? Solution: Many people try to & nbsp; beef & # 39; They continue with experiences they do not have in their dream work. This is a waste of your time. Consider volunteers to conquer what's missing. Volunteering is very well reviewed. It shows you are & nbsp; donor & # 39; and & # 39; action & # 39; person. If you find that you want to get a job that is not available, consider getting an experience first and apply for this work in the near future.

4. Are you using punctuation sentences? Solution: Give employees an easy way to read your information technology again and they want. Rather than write long paragraphs, cut up the information you want to stand in a spherical form.

5. Are your headlines that match the words listed in the ads? Solution: The employer knows what he wants. And if they see these keywords in your headlines, it makes them stop reading it in depth. Use keywords in your content as appropriate. .

6. Are you trying to cram is as much as you can? Solution: Wrong movements. Leave lots of white space and store the words for easy reading. Also, take out inappropriate information that does not work for the job you are applying for.

7. Is the login climbed for each individual employer? Solution: Your IT should feel personal & # 39; to the employer. As it reflects what they are looking for. It's ok to have many kinds of new ones to apply for a variety of jobs. The mistakes most make is to have one standard information technology again and apply for different types of jobs.

8. Are you describing your previous work as successful? Solution: Whether you like it or not, you've achieved many things in your previous jobs. Both for you and the employer. Really sit down and think about what you have done. Do not be small. Do not think you've finished anything. You're just out there has allowed you to work on.

9. Are you registering your personal interests? Solution: If you are, do any of the hobbies related to the work you apply. For example, you can say that you love to build and spend time in your home tray. Actually, one boy wrote this again and I got used to it. But do not make stupid demands. Another withdrawal I read was recorded for personal interests that he likes hacking in his spare time! Now you know it's a want to be a hacker, are not you? A real chat partner does not feel the need to be smart.

10. Have you participated in a goal? Solution: The goal is what you want to achieve. Write your goal at the beginning of your replay, above all else. Of course, the goal should apply to your status

11. Are you using numbers, percentages and currency? Solution: This turns out that if it applies to your information technology, keep it back.

12. Is it an emphasis on employers needs or yours? Solution: If your list is about what the employer is looking for? Are you answering the problem? Write it in a way that reflects your solution.

13. Are you going out anything negative? Solution: All our jobs were not all positive. Do not contain negative. Anything that will harm the chances of an interview should be omitted. If it is necessary to record such information, rewrite it in a positive manner.

14. Have you tried? Solution: Spelling and grammatical mistakes can pass you. Read it on screen and again when you print it out. If you can, please also read by others.


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