Your homeschooling school is a law of love

I will not lie to you – homework can be difficult. But the result is so worth it. Many children fight at school and many parents are struggling to do that. One choice is to your homeschooling school. Home school allows the child to study at his own pace. You can use traditional grade as a guide, but if your child is really struggling, slow down. In the same way, if he gets all the stuff with little or no effort, he hits him.

When you have a home school, the child's learning rests on your shoulders. It's incredibly overwhelming. I live at school, my two boys – 8th grade and kindergarten – and I do not even have a college degree! So what makes me so capable? I love my boys. I always keep their interests in mind. I do not have to worry about any other children – just two of them.

As a homeschool teacher, I have sacrificed a lot. Mainly social life. My kids are with me most of the time. And let me tell you, I'm not one of those who just loves to be with their kids all the time. No-I say too much good is not always good. So I need to do a bit more effort to get out a little. I have just begun again at workdays and I feel like my quiet time. I love it.

Another thing I've given up is my dining room. Now it sounds strange, but that's where we have a school. I know you have a special room for the school, but until I got into the pot and can afford a bigger house, the dining room is. I think I sometimes see an OCD limit. Things should just be placed in the right place so you can find them later. This series destroys me and my dining room sometimes!

But there are tons of advantages for homework. You can set your own hours. We decided we would like to take every Friday. So we have school from Monday to Thursday. As long as we still get our work and the minimum number of school days – shoot us for 140 days a year – it works well. My boys always have a long week to look forward to. If we have something else to do, stop the school for the day. We can always do it on friday! If we want to go on vacation, we only accept our books with us. We have a shooting game on vacation, but it's still fun doing math in Orlando from the balcony in the apartment overlooking the pool!

Since we attend school, we almost never have homework. My boys have a friend who spends time every night doing homework! It's happening to my family a bit too much. That's really the reason why I left the oldest school lesson after the fifth grade – too much homework. I was already spending two to four hours at night to help him, why not just do all the instruction? Now we have more time to do other things.

One of the biggest arguments I have against home school is the social affairs. Well, let me tell you, it's a crock. My boys have a lot of friends. Good friends that I know well and I know their parents. I know who my kids are hanging out and what they do all day long. I know when they are upset. I come to see the joy (and relief) on their faces when doing a good job.

With my little boy, I get to help him learn to read. He will be five to a few weeks and just begins the first class Hooked on Phonics reading. Just because he can. Some of his friends, who are years older, are studying colors and letters and letters sounds. Fine for them, but I can get better for my child.

One of the most important things I try to teach my boys is that they do not have to know all the answers – just how to find them. In traditional schools, they were taught to submit a reminder of materials to pass a test. Now I try to make sure they "get" it. Some things we go over very fast, otherwise we take our time. It all depends on where he is at the moment.

Home school is a radical advantage. It's all or nothing in a few days. But it's great and rewarding and scary and tried. But it's always for the benefit of my child.


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