Why I love technology

I'm an old boy, but I love technology. Although many of my peers had trouble trying to send an email, I was light years ahead.

One of the things I could learn at school was to get in touch. When I finished grade 10, I could write at 60 words per minute using any type of machine typewriter and produce a large number of documents. Learn that type has helped me in every job ever since.

I first came across technology when I joined the RAAF in 1965. Then we had label machines or more with appropriate Telex machines. We want to enter messages that appear as dots on a narrow, long piece of paper, and when you have finished, keep a tape on the machine, connect to the phone line and press a button. The telex tape would chatter away send the message faster than I could write. Original and carbon dishes were produced at the same time.

If this was not good enough, when I graduated in 1982 (as an adult age student), I discovered an early Apple II computer and word processor called Zardax. It did not take me a long time to use computers and printers of the university to produce my assignments, all of which were printed in a few minutes that were crisp and professional.

My colleagues helped people to do their work while I watched out no time. The ability to cut and paste, embolden, italicise and create legitimate footnotes won me automatically and my life changed forever.

I later became Queensland (Australia) teacher in technology and secondary schools in pedagogy and computer science. I taught to write with mechanical and electronic typewriters and word processor programs, desktop editions, spreadsheets, databases and programming languages. I loved technology, I loved students and I used to teach it.

It was so much that you could use whiz-bang technology and well thought out software programming. As a teacher and later head of department and training manager, it made my life much easier and more productive.

Ever since I've loved technology and have a great respect for those who are behind its design. Although I have not resisted buying a SMART phone for several years, I've done a good job on my iPhone and all the great applications available.

Now I can book a physician's visit to an app and even have CASIO Edifice watching watch its timing security using the iPhone app every morning at. 7.

How good is that?


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