Why go to school? Your child needs to know

When students understand the relationship between schools and the wider world of future income, they make more homework!

A study by the University of Michigan in 600 middle school found that when students were asked to consider what they wanted to do in the future before they were homework, they were much more likely to do homework that night.

Researchers also found that students who saw university education as part of their career were up to eight times more likely to do extra homework if they could get an extra credit for it.

Obviously, students in the middle school can connect to school work and future income and only had to be reminded of this connection to be an incentive to learn. With younger students, the connection could not be so obvious, but there are other connections that can be made.

For example, younger students can say that if they want to be like their hero, they need to work hard at school. Individuals in most sports (not all!) Are excellent models for young children and often work in schools to encourage children to learn and do well.

But how often are we making sure that children understand the relationship between school and life? Too often, teachers and parents focus on short-term goals – next tests, next learning outcomes – rather than giving children a bigger picture of why they are in school.

I used to ask children because they had to learn to read. The answers I received were amazing. Some children said they had to learn to read & # 39; because the teacher says so, or because my parents wanted me to & # 39;. I would spend time saying and showing them that the teachers were not making them learn to read for the sake of reading, but that they could learn more and become clever enough to get a good job when they were going to school. I remember, they were quite surprised and this new way of looking at the reason for learning to read and most of them were encouraged to learn as a result.

So, parents, if you want your child to work more, do more homework, make sure they understand the relationship between the school and the wider world. Point out what is needed to succeed in this world and what they need to do to get there.

Do this in a gentle way, the future and the amount of work that students need to do to secure their future, can be difficult and you don't want to scare them. Tell your child that even though the path may be long and difficult at times, you'll always be there to support them when they need your help.

But give them a very good reason to stay in school, give them something to aim for, and the way to get there.

Isn't that what we all need?


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