What makes good school songs?

Is your school dying on a vine? Do I like to teach your students or fear it every year?

So what makes a good school track? Is it a catchy song or an uplifting word? It's just because we sing it over and over again, it's starting to matter.

After teaching songs in more than 5,000 elementary school students, I think first that the song needs to touch your heart. If it does the heart, it will not only make you, but everyone will feel good. If the song encourages everyone to feel good and also grows into an incredible ideal, even better.

Another requirement for a good school soundtrack is that it bought to be fun to sing, memorable (one you will grab yourself at various times of the day) and beat it well.

Above all, good schooling needs to create a school spirit. I really like Valerie Ninemire, the definition of a school spirit. She says: "It is exciting in the air, invisible electricity that seems to be from all places. It is proud, it is homosexual and it is everyone's participation in society. Precious and even if you cannot define it in one word, you know it when you see it, hear it and feel it. "

There is no more community for society than singing together. Singing together is one of the few things we do together at the same time. Song releases stress and allows us to be safe.

Here is an example of an excellent spirit of compulsory school.

This is where I live

This is my community

This is where I give my best

With courage and integrity

I pay attention to my attitude

I am aware of what I say and do

I do my part to make a difference

And in everything I choose excellence


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