What factors will generate information technology projects in the next 5 years?

As economic and social factors continue to shape information technology, we consider four compression pressure levels that can significantly affect information technology over the next five years.

# 1 Society

As the state of society on computer systems continues to grow, there will be requirements for professionals who dream, design and support these systems increasingly stricter. Computers are no longer a domain of engineering department, children at grandmothers are also on board and everyone else in between. This makes the internet more important for society, but it has always been.

# 2 Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an introduction to third party services in the network. This is another concept that is momentum, primarily due to recent advances in telecommunications, processing and storage. This service company tends to complete a technical role within IT. While it would probably be more accurate to say that this model (if it is successful) will be a stimulus rather than a change in the requirements for exercise skills.

# 3 Internet Addresses

The current network called IP version 4 is 95% emptied. Its successor is known as an IP version 6. Interestingly, the (final) implementation of IP version 6 has great potential for shaping information technology in career. Ironically, the possibility of this new code of conduct is the same possibility of fear of some big companies today. You see this protocol will allow users to participate in the internet by serving information, rather than receiving it. It can be said that this activity is similar to today & # 39; s & # 39; protocols on audio recorder programs!

It is also possible that the IP version 6 & # 39; next killer program & # 39; the person who uses this functionality will be strengthening home users in a way that is very difficult today, due to technical reasons related to the widespread use of private access online.

# 4 Link Size

Speed ​​Internet connectivity has increased steadily for twenty years. As recently as in 2000, dial up modem were the connection choices. Today, modem dial-up is painless and not used by consumers in most parts of the world. One day, ADSL and ADSL2 + connections will be considered slower as well. The higher the bandwidth, the more functionality we will be able to send on our computers. And this will lead to increased internet experience. Although these advances are in the telecommunications sector, web developer technology and experts are likely to experience the greatest changes due to these advances.

Whatever the motivation, we can see here that there are many market forces that form workers of information technology in the industry. But as always, the industry will adapt and prosper, and the progressive thinking workers should again be able to pay money.


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