Values ​​are imposed and not taught

According to some, values ​​ are not described . That means values ​​or behaviors are learned from people who practice them, instead of being told. We grab these values ​​by seeing them created by way of example. The values ​​we actually live are rather rather than mere taught .

Factors affecting the value of one's formation are:


Parents have the greatest influence on one's life. When we entered values ​​ beyond our children, we should bear in mind that these values ​​must be sound and well thought . Usually, what happens at home is the individual's values ​​and practices. For example, if the children have a great deal of respect for their parents out there, the children could also have a great deal of respect for the power. But when at home parents are always fighting and shouting at each other, the excitement is that children will be cursed when they are out. Thus, children achieved either positive or negative values ​​ without even being taught.


Schools are usually considered more than just knowledge providers. They need to teach students honesty, fairness and equality in the classroom that lasts permanently culture. But this is easier said than done because the teaching of the morality of students involves more than just cognitive (knowledge level).

According to Bloom classification lessons Domains are three states of education:

  1. Cognitive : mental skills – knowledge
  2. Impressive : Growth in emotions or emotional areas – beliefs or self
  3. Psychomotor : manual or physical skills – behavioral skills

Skills in intellectual domain revolve around knowledge, understanding and critical thinking of specific subject. The impressive domain usually targets consciousness and growth in attitudes, emotions, and emotions; and psychomotor domain emphasizes change and / or development of behavior and / or skills.

Often or not, we put a lot of emphasis on the knowledge aspect of nature. Intellectual level is also important, but in the field of education, teachers should focus on helping students stop values ​​with:

  1. showing good example to them,
  2. what they preach and [19659017] do what they speak.


    Despite the parents and teachers, the value of the people could be affected by people around them such as their peers, relatives, neighbors and others. Whatever the environment generally admits, people think of what right although sometimes wrong.


    also have great influence on shaping the individual's values ​​and practices. From telenovelas to celebrities, in musical symbols, people tend to copy what the idols are doing. In this case, humans are not taught but described the values ​​described on the television.

    People often say that the character is developed when it is both landed and taught . It would flourish best when we teach the exact skills needed to put values ​​into practice. Yet, these skills must also be complete. They need to be part of our daily lives because if we talk absolutely about the values ​​we have, without running them, then probably land and are not taught .

    Thus, values ​​can not only be taught in a formal sense because the application of these apply to one for personal consent purchased or used through processed and post-graduate examinations outside of it.


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