Unraveling secrets of Sicily on a school trip

The idea of ​​the school trip is becoming increasingly popular in many educational centers throughout the country. The benefits of taking students out of the comfort zone and explaining them in a new, exciting and strange environment are endless. Traveling unrecognized income brings social development and widens the minds of all who embrace it, especially young and those who want to study.

Located in the crossroads of three major continents, Sicily is a flexible fusion of culture and history of Asia, Europe and Africa. Schooling for this little Mediterranean is an exciting adventure for students studying in numerous subjects. From archaeology to amazing geology on the island is so much to be discovered.

Ancient Sicily

There is no dispute about Sicily's archaeological heritage. The different entrepreneurs for centuries have all understood their coding in different forms and represent some incredible places on the island. Syracuse is one of the most famous Greek cities and is a fascinating place for students on a school trip to explore. With links to famous minds, such as Archimedes, Pindar and Demosthenes, it's hard to wonder that this site is so interesting, archaeological. The Roman amphitheater still stands in all its glory and the Greek theater is a wonderful structure based on the hill.

Traveling into the country, Piazza Armerina is worth a visit. The Mosaic of Villa Casale, built 2000 years ago, has been carefully restored and preserved, showing different aspects of daily life during Roman times. Students on a school trip will certainly benefit from a visit here, where discussions about Roman life and society will be caused.

Probably Sicily's most famous archaeological feature in Agrogento. The tables Hercules, Concord and Zeus show great examples of Doric architecture and students are encouraged to consider the massive engineering festival needed to construct these amazing structures.

Segesta and Selinunte are also great excursions; Segesta, with the magnificent Amphitheater and Selinunte, recently discovered, with a Greek temple and a wonderful acropolis.

Mount Etna and Sicily

No school trip was completed without traveling up one of the world's most famous volcanoes, Mount Etna. Still very alive, there is a chance to take 4 wheel bikes up to the crater and get close to the immense heat that is out of the stones, and slow steady breathing that seems to be from all the cracks. Fix a lot of fascinating phenomenon of the world.

Aeolian Islands are a group of volcanoes right by the seaside, full of much more energy than Etna and only accessible by boat. From the boat you can witness the wonderful novel of Stromboli as it spits and gurgles the lava from the crater and gain a real sense of nature that continually forms our world.

Sicily has the key to so many questions about empire in Europe over the centuries. The ideas, suggestions and hopes of all designers are clear to see. The tumultuous story, amazing geography and modern culture all make Sicily a special place it is today.


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