Understanding of computer systems

When most people think of a computer network they think about big business. Many have linked their home network to a shared internet connection, shared file, and even shared printing capabilities. The process of sharing resources and data between more than one computer is referred to as the computer network. When you connect the computers together, they can not only share the Internet, printers, faxes, and other things, but can also share files, images, songs, and other data stored on your hard drive.

Networking Explained

The Internet can be switched to a local area network or a small area network such as a LAN network where computers are shared within office space or dormitory, MAN where two or more locations are connected through areas and WAN where possible. creating the network to connect to a home or office anywhere in the country.

WAN is the most common use for connectivity, enabling the network to connect to millions of computers worldwide. The WAN network is the world's largest network and through connectivity, as well as running the right software can be connected to any location from almost anywhere in the world.

Computer networks can be wired or wireless, although many people do not use the wiring these days. Depending on which installation you need, how to get to the primary computer, and how many people you need to connect together, the type of network you need will determine.

There are two main ways to connect computers, through client servers and through peer servers. The server of the client server has a primary computer or computers that act as a server for the network. The data, files, images, documents, and other information are stored on these servers, which are then accessed from various online computers. The other computers in the network are called customers and they are connected to a server to get any or all of their information.

Peer-2-Peer networks allow each computer to choose what information will be shared. There is no master server as it is all stored, each hard disk is open to the network and each computer on the internet will receive appropriate access to the hard drive of each system. Most home users have a peer-to-peer planning where they can choose and choose what information is needed or requested from each home network. Most companies use the customer service network with different approaches or structures or designs within their organization.

Common language or communication between a computer when a network is known as a protocol. The most popular and most common protocols are TCP / IP as it works with several protocols and not just one protocols. The TCP / IP protocol can be used and will work with either wired or wireless connections and can be used through client or server servers.

Setting up home network

There are some great programs out there that will walk you by setting up your home network at no time. You don't have to be an online engineer and it doesn't know much about how the web really works. You basically only need the systems you want to connect to or connect to the network, network connectivity, and the ability to follow simple instructions. If you're setting up a wireless internet connection, don't worry about running cables from one computer to another, and the only thing that needs to be done is to simplify the modification of the network part on each computer. You can create a secure password-protected connection to ensure that you do not have an open connection with an outside party wishing to snoop through your items. You get the option of each system to choose what you want to share and what you don't. You can create a directory that is for the network and put it on a virtual drive, so no one can access the computer on the computer, just register and store it. The process of computer networking is simple and easy to do and can make many computers at home run much smoother.


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