Training Practice for High School Tennis

Do you have a high school in tennis?

If you're one, let me ask you this follow-up.

How well do you work out every day?

Because of that.

The top tennis instructors at the university level are great at training at work.

That's the case.

Here are 4 areas that you should focus on at work, keep on testing new ideas and exercises to help you maximize your player time in court.

The goal is creativity, innovation and efficiency.

1) Footwork-

Tennis is all about movement.

The better they get in their movement, the better they are in court.

They need to focus on short, explosive and powerful first steps.

I like to use dynamic warm exercises at the beginning of workouts instead of the stiffness.

2) Repetition-

Use reps in practice.

Your players need to get enough reps today until they get good results.

In high school.

Most players never develop a basic hit because they do not get enough workouts.

Set daily goals for reps for each player and make sure they do it!

3) Creative Drills-

Investigate and test new exercises and then build and disable those exercises.

This will keep you on top of the training team and the players continue to be out there too.

YouTube is a great place to find workouts and they are all free.

Most great exercises are just other exercises that the coach took and approved and adapted it creatively.

My PTR test told me.

Try to study a new course or new training every day!

4) Point / Matches-

At noon.

Allow players to play points and set up systematic training for them.

After doing it.

Let them play exercise games.

They should be working on new bullets and focus on discovering actual styles.

They should not try to win those games.

The key to exercises is to test new images and focus on the discovery of game play.

After each exercise, they need to write down their findings in their tennis journal.


When they are writing in their tennis book.

They should be honest and keep this information.

This diary is for their eyes only!

I say so because you want them to start using the comments they receive to make the necessary changes in the future.

In training experience.

Players who use their diary correctly can succeed faster than players who do not.

So your proof.


Include these 4 episodes in practice in the next 3 months and you should see great results from your players.

Just check out some great tennis team and you'll find a coach who created a good job for that team.


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