Top Ten Questions to Consider When Choosing Acupuncture

Choosing which school to attend for acupuncture treatment is a big decision. Here are ten questions to keep in mind when selecting acupuncture:

1. What tradition of acupuncture is taught at school?

There are many traditions of acupuncture and different thought systems around the art. It is Japanese acupuncture treatment, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy, 5 acupuncture therapy, Oriental acupuncture therapy, facial or cosmetic acupuncture, medical acupuncture, etc. Do some research on the type of acupuncture you want to study as they are not all the same.

2. What kind of programs are you interested in?

It is important to clarify what kind of acupuncture you are interested in.

Do you want to start workout and see customers when you are trained? Do you just want to add acupuncture tools to other brain work you already do? Or do you want to study acupuncture treatment for your own health and understand what your acupuncture partner is doing during treatment?

There are programs in various acupuncture schools suitable for all hobbies. There are three, four and five year programs that are trained in acupuncture. There are parental lessons for doctors and nurses or physical therapists who want to improve acupuncture treatment with their current practice. And there are courses, courses and websites for those who just want to learn a little about acupuncture or Chinese medicine for their own knowledge.

Most schools offer a variety of programs to suit your needs. There are two or three years, highways, acupuncture or herbology programs, a four-year specialist in the Chinese medicine program, including acupuncture and herbal remedies, as well as a five-year doctor with traditional Chinese medical devices that include acupuncture treatment, herbal remedies and all Chinese medicine tools.

3. What is a lesson at school?

Acupuncture courses are taught in almost all languages ​​throughout the world.

Being a science in the East are many ancient literature on acupuncture in the Mandarin language and Chinese characters. In some schools, a student is taught in English and Mandarin with a Mandarin language taken during the first two years of school and many notes and instructions from teachers in both English and written characters. View schools that offer Mandarin language components as it deepens the study and understanding of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Many students tell us that the topic is one of the things that helps to put one acupuncture apart from one another.

4. Who are teachers at school?

Teachers in the acupuncture school you choose to attend will make all the difference. Choose a school that has trainers who have worked in this field, see clients in clinical situations and can comment on treatment for acupuncture. Many can understand acupuncture, but the skills and skills that come from seeing clients daily in clinical status can not be learned from the book. Choose a school that has teachers who are specialists in their field and have a real life experience in the courses they are teaching.

5. How much is the program?

Cost estimates are as variable as students wishing to study acupuncture. In Canada, most teaching starts at around $ 200 loans with the average year by 50 credits.

There are usually different drivers depending on which application you are interested in.

Remember that you get what you pay for!

6. What kind of learning environment do you long for?

Just as it's important to know what student you are, it's also important to know what kind of learning environment you are best at. Do you rather want a small party, quiet learning area and green areas to relax in? Or do you prefer a group of learning, music and social interaction, games and challenges to help you remember information?

Some campuses are occupied in the city center and high office buildings; others are in rural areas or deep in the mountains. Our favorite schools offer a variety of study programs that suit the needs of students. Research if the school you're thinking of downloading is a college library for slow learning, a studio for more lively discussions on lunch or spacious classrooms for you to stretch out and make yourself at home. Some of the best schools have a school bookstore and herbal remedies in the campus and are close to a plethora of restaurants and healthy foods nearby for renewal.

7. What kind of education does you do the best?

It is important to know what kind of student you are and in what environment you are learning the best. Do you want to work at home, from books or online? Would you rather be in the classroom, guided teachers and related classmates? Do you want to go to school at night and weekends so you can still work the day?

Most schools offer a part of your acupuncture treatment that can be done online or through self-study, but the majority of tasks are handed in personally, in the campus, with teachers to answer your questions and classmates to study with. The nature of learning a doctrine like acupuncture requires a teacher to instruct a student.

In most schools there are lectures in class, classrooms, studios and time in clinical examination by doctors in Chinese medicine. This exciting and handy learning environment places graduates on clinical practice with experience and knowledge to handle clients right outside the school.

8. When do students start to need and work with patients?

Students who study acupuncture are always very motivated to start exercising and need to start seeing clients at the clinic. All acupuncture schools understand this desire to begin, but as the Karate Kid movie is a huge work to do, "Daniel Son". There are skills to develop and technique to be perfect before jumping into patient's needles, or about Karate Kid, before you actually fight in karate-game.

Most students start practicing their needlework on paper towels or oranges in the first semester of school. Students approach each other in needle labs in the second year and complete their needlework methods for a Learning Center next year. Although it sometimes creates frustration for students who want to start early, it is serious to jump into a powerful acupuncture practice without being a solid foundation for placements and learning skills.

9. Where do you want to go to school?

The good news is that there are schools that teach Chinese medicine and acupuncture around the world. The only bad news is that it's up to you to decide where in this big world you want to spend time while studying. Do your research well and check out school in all different countries.

10. What is required in your home country, state or province to practice acupuncture after graduation?

There are different requirements for acupuncture treatment in each country, state and province. Please check the rules in the field you wish to practice at the graduation.

In British Columbia, graduated university teachers will be required to write and pass a diploma that supervises CTCMA BC. Students wishing to practice acupuncture treatment in the United States should check NCCAOM for licensing requirements.

Best regards to choose your acupuncture treatment. Can you fill your mind with the wonder of Chinese medicine in the future!


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