Top 5 Schools for Dentistry

The mouth of mouth is not a laughing issue. Smiling, talking, frowning, chewing, brushing, flossing; a lot of action goes over there so people's proper care is necessary. If you want to pursue a career to help people take care of your mouth here is a list of five dental schools.

University of the Pacific


This college is the top choice for students who want to become dentists for various reasons. The school, Arthur A. Dugoni, the Department of Dentistry and the University of the Pacific, has collated to create the first thirty-six month long bachelor of science degree in dental hygiene. This is a very wonderful achievement and is the main reason many students attend today. One can say they are the father of dental school, and they have come from the beginning.

The Pacific is one of the majority of students studying and individual national schools found in the West. Arthur A. Dugoni Dental school is evaluated either first or second in the nation every year for applications made for the dental hygiene program.

St. Petersburg College


This university, though without the colorful history of the University of the Pacific, is still a respected, informative facility. It offers a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in dental hygiene, also known as BASDH. In this program, there are no requirements for campuses regarding courses, any orientation or highlights. St. Petersburg College is recognized by the Commission at the University of South American University and School and is highly commended by them from all over the world.

University of New York


Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene is a program that provides students with advanced education and fully prepares them for a career in this field. The University of New York is fully accredited by the US Department of Dentistry on Dentistry for Dentistry.

University of Southern California


The Bachelor of Science degree specializing in this field requires each student to complete the dental care program, including primary and lower secondary studies, clinical studies and general education. This university is one of the world's best research facilities; no student will always miss the University of Southern California. The school is also recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Western Kentucky University


The Bachelor of Science program has been approved and founded in the fall of 1987. It has seen many successful students through the door. It is a college fully accredited by the Dentistry Council and the Commission on Dentistry of the United States on Dentistry.

Once you have completed your education, you will find a skilled professional with Dentistry which offers many benefits and is one of the growing areas of work.


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