Top 15 Strangest Scholarships

Thousands of interim students are looking for financial aid for university education. Without the perfect SAT score or the ability to run under the forty-five yard rush, you might find the chances of securing grants not looking too bright. However, you might not realize that your odd talents or hobbies can make you a perfect candidate for one of these 15 strange but real scholarships.

Oink, Oink

Has your room been compared to a piece? Are you happy to live in a messy habitat? These are not scholarship requirements, but they are the qualities of the creatures you care about – pigs! If you are interested in the creatures of the cattle group, this is the strength for you; The International Boar Semen (IBS) grant is available for those who are interested in pig management. For more information, visit

The Next Generation of. . . Klingons

Trekkies, leaving your covers, figurines, posters and other memorials. Just come on, yourself! Klingon Language Institute, in order to promote language teaching, award one lucky winner 500 crown Kor Memorial Scholarship — but don't worry, the flow in Klingon is not needed. Check out this funding requirement at:

Think long thoughts

You have a Michael Jordan experience but you are as agile as water tanks. It's all right with Tall Clubs International! Men over 6 & # 39; 2 "and women over 5" 8 "are encouraged to apply. The prize is not a small (word intended) amount; rather, the award a lot of $ 1,000 grants for the win. Find out more at: http: //

Yo, Shorti!

For a vertical challenge, Billy Barty Foundation offers student support with a "brief experience." Similarly, Little People of America awards students – and their families – Grants. To participate, members must be 4 "10" and learter. Grants range from $ 250 to $ 1000. Read all requirements at:

More Trans Fat, please!

Say goodbye to livestock soup, grapefruit only, or southern coastal diet! The Food Supplement Social Council encourages "oily" people to apply for one of their award-winning contracts, the grants offered to current NAAF members, the $ 1,000 prize for the first place, but awards n in second place is $ 500. For more information on fat and scholarship information, visit:

For herbivore

Calling all the veggie lovers around the World! Two Health Awareness Prize winners will be awarded $ 5,000 from the Vegetables Group. But beware: unless you love your legumes, this is not the strength for you. Beneficiaries Applicants must not only demonstrate a healthy lifestyle, but also promote vegetarians within the community. For more information, contact:

Sk8 through school

Thanks to Tony Hawk and some screws, bruises and fragments, your skateboarding skills may have finally paid off. The Patrick Kerr skateboard award awards four different scholarships each year. One applicant will receive a $ 5,000 University Guarantee and three others receive a $ 1,000 award. And your mother thought skateboarding would never get you anywhere! Requirements include maintaining at least 2.5 of 4.0 GPA, being a senior citizen of the United States. Be sure to read all the requirements of

Part of bubbly, Please

Finally, your weakness for wine might serve another purpose – after a pounding morning after a headache. The American Society for Enology and Viticulture (ASEV) recognizes many students to enroll in the science-related areas of drunk and wine industry. The grant is not predetermined; it varies from year to year. To read other requirements for this education, visit:

Bowling for Dollars

While the middle school years around bowling alleys are closed, your turkey learning abilities can be a deposit. US Bowling Congress (USBC) offers a range of scholarships, including the Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow, which offers $ 1,500 renewable grants for famous college classes and Alberta E. Crow's Star of Tomorrow, which also offers $ 1,500 for renewable grants. to a high female high school. Read more at:

Got Milk?

The award of the scholar sports milk is given to twenty-five university students who have what it takes to provide the famous milk skin; Winners receive $ 7,500 in grants. If that's not enough, get a winner with a special ad running in USA today. If that's not enough, few winners will receive all the prize-winning prizes in the Disney Wide World of Sports & # 39; Milk House in Orlando, FL and Prints at the Milk House Hall of Fame. View programs at:

Organ Offer

You signed up as an organ donor when you received your license. Put this heart on your ID to use! Students for the Youth Youth Leadership Organ Grants award one or two $ 500 to $ 1,000 grants to full-time college or undergraduate students. Successful candidates actively contribute to organ donation and transplantation. More conditions to apply for this grant can be found at:

Tee It Up

You've seen them trudging up and down the green, nearly thirty pounds of iron on their backs and offers tips to improve their vibration, distance and future. Finally, they are due to their recognition; Founded in 1949, Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund offers ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 7,500 a year for caddies. Qualified applicants must have worked for at least two years as caddies, employment assistants, or, of course, associate associates in Massachusetts. Read more:

Color in the lines

Were you exactly in the lines of your coloring books as a child? You may have graduated from acrylic colors but the same thing is the same: you are an artist in the heart. Founded in 1983, L. Ron Hubbard Illustrator of the Future launches quarterly and annual grants ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 4,000. Read more:

Hot, hot, hot

You've heard that, those three little words … if fire is: stop, drop and roll for safety. The winning strength of the American Fire Sprinkler Association is almost as easy; AFSA offers ten $ 2,000 grants per year to graduate high school seniors. Requirements include reading a thesis and taking an online (and opening book) test. Read more about this sizzling offer at:

Giddyup, cowboy!

The Arabian Horse Foundation offers an annual grant of $ 2,500 to one talented. The scholarship, named William Zekan, is offered to horsemen who demonstrate financial need, are now either a university teacher or a college, and can provide two recommendations. For more eligibility criteria:


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