Thinking about becoming a teacher?

When I graduated from public education after about 35 years in the classroom, I got up again and then went back as a volunteer, guest promoter and college supervisor. There are few people more excited about life than working with exciting teachers and participants.

I've discovered that good teachers want to get better; Large teachers want to apply methods and skills; great teachers want to know and be and do a great day every day to reach and teach each child. Regardless of the above-mentioned category, these teachers want to improve so that their lessons take part in students and contribute to academic success. Yes, there are some teachers who choose the status certificate, traced to the current one when trying to avoid stress, stress or cultivate abilities. Fortunately, I don't know very much about these people as I am not invited to their private property, nor do I need to go.

Inspired teacher completes room with motivation and creativity. The students here are ready to experiment with new thinking and action, dedicate their hearts and minds to growth, and eagerly develop abilities with a powerful effort and determination. They listen, try, refresh, and restore until the best efforts reward them with success. These kids smile, go into concentration, love the challenge, and don't mind throwing in questions and ideas when talking to each of them on a variety of issues. And so it was that I found myself mixed yesterday with a group of 5-ladder.

To watch her student teacher as she taught them writing and publishing lessons, I carefully watched as they had prepared for speakers. There were questions, essays to share and expectations about learning. They knew what they already knew about writing and they were eager to learn more. When two newspaper editors came to school, students were jazzed with plans for interactive participation and collaboration. And they were not disappointed. Editors share ideas and thoughts about the creative process, cut free of writing flow, investigate and verify information from reliable sources, edit and review, and continuously seek ways to improve as a writer and editor as well as clear the look and quality of their products. They also bought copies of their paper for each student so that after presentation, the children could read and ask further questions to clarify an understanding of the product and promotion.

Students also read the brave noise of their personal work for the quick criticism of visitors. Tips included adding headlines, keeping abreast of who, what, where, why and how elements of each part and constantly chasing creating with a vive and vivacity. Each student received feedback with grace as they really wanted this silly word of wisdom to help them celebrate personal talents.

This presentation may have taken place in any classroom at all schools, but what made it particularly special was the advanced planning and planning of a regular lesson teacher and student teacher. As a team they had decided students were prepared with excellent questions and quality queries to share. The kids knew to focus on and intend to learn and willingly took on new ideas and put them into practice. These behaviors reflect practices and procedures that have been made and then used to ensure that each day in this classroom is productive and free of behavioral disturbances and other types of disorder. These rules and procedures allow each student to succeed in a safe learning environment.

So if you're really thinking of becoming a teacher – and we need good things in the same order – here are some tips for feedback for you. Visit some classrooms, always come up with an open mind without looking at your expectations you already have, so that the specialties of the environment in each room can see. Listen to joy; watch an eyeball interest for planning. Keep track of teaching methods, student repairs and responses, teacher movement, and students around the classroom. Explore walls and boards for goals and goals, and then decide if they match a lesson at the moment.

Read Word Walls and other singers and decide if they are generously needed. Identify quality and stringent questions. Yes or No answer is quick and easy but really leaves little understanding or ability to apply knowledge. Ask students and teachers questions, always make sure you are not distracting, but strengthening your studies.

If you stop with zeal and a sense of passion, teaching can be a perfect fit for you. And while you should be in awe and a little overwhelmed, if you are angry or you need to gnaw your teeth, know that one of three things may have happened. One, wrong grade, noun or grade level; two, wrong days, with firefighting, museums and substitute teachers; three, wrong profession.


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