Think about homeschooling? Teachers are

One might be surprised to know that the world's largest influx of home school today is a professional teacher. The reasons they give are very interesting.

  • In the 60's, teachers had said more about what happened in their classroom. However, the government is more in charge of these days. It is important to know that the Vietnam War taught us that the war can not be won from the White House. Likewise, the teacher knows the metaforically speaking what her kids need. Unlike bureaucracy, she sees them as human beings and not as statistics. Heck school lunches were even much better in the 60s.
  • Teachers righteously complain they must now teach their children to meet government officials who need to sacrifice the teaching of the basics.
  • Majority groups have become so big that the children are taught to act like robots rather than individuals. Teachers find themselves obliged to teach as one size fits all … they can not customize their curriculum.
  • Recording and playtime are determined. Many teachers complain that it is creating stress and forcing the little children to fit into an unhealthy and unnatural race.

Teachers are getting trash cuts when they are accused of rising decline in the US public education system and few are listening to "those who are in cuts". The government is more likely to blame. Is it surprising that so many teachers are choosing home school their own families?

Most home school students out perform public school children at university entrance exams. Obviously most parents are doing something right whether or not they have a certificate of credentials.

Are there some sad stories about children who do not receive adequate education in the home school? The answer is yes, but there are more stories found in the public education system. Government intervention is not a solution. Parental awareness and participation ("those who are in cuts") is the solution. That's the point where you have children in your home school or public school system.

This is not said to put an impossible burden or even the responsibility of parents. I say this to strengthen parents. Today's solution to education is distinctive from you, the people.


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