The Real Estate mom back to school manual

As long as a lazy open-ended lunch finishes, real estate agencies complete this nation's birth routine in their families. In order to prepare for this event, you have created your children & # 39; closets, had tried their shoes, collected the supplies that a new teacher needed and received the journal at school. How can you as a real estate agent and mom go off on your right foot during this school year?

There is no doubt that you need to do a little extra time in the first few weeks to get everything right in the right direction. Here's a quick back in a textbook that helps you keep the focus on your business while helping your children succeed in the school year.

Program of Peace of Mind

One of the most important factors in achieving all your goals as a real estate agent is planning and timing. This also breaks into the "mom" of your life. It is important to know how to mix both the business and personal life of your life. For example, your calendar, such as Top Producer or any other contact database software, is the key to use in organizing your business. Not only should you use it to organize your client meetings, but you must also use it to organize important events for your child, such as parents / teacher meetings, reasons and recordings from school.

When you keep your family and working conditions, you will be surprised to organize a meeting with clients, about the child's school activities and the other way around. With colors that match all realtors and appointments on the same calendar, you can easily see where your focus is on a daily basis. By synchronizing your Top Producer with your Treo, you will have all your orders, work and personal, with you wherever you go.

Plan for Home Success

Next, use the Top Producer system to keep you organized. Take a few minutes to record the teacher's contact information. Most real estate agents would not go home or in the office without having all the information of the client in hand and it is important that all the necessary information for your schoolchildren is also on your electronic calendar. Have a phone number and any direct teacher who's numbers, email addresses and information you need.

Establishment as a Real Estate Moment

One of the most important times for establishing family history is during the first weeks of the school. Set up like after school with homework, talk and chores. My daughter has her "Daily Five" that she has to do daily after school that contains homework, clean her room, clean her bathroom, unplug the dishwasher and feed the dog. When the foundation of this time is set and becomes a habit for your child, you can focus on working as a real estate agent with a minimum amount of time after the "Daily Five". Getting them a habit will also create a lasting habit for your children

Your job and your clients can be challenging. It does not have to stop you from being a good parent and getting your home in order. Take the time to plan each of these aspects of your life, by being a real estate agent and being a mom. Plan, plan and plan your schedule by doing what is found here. A little extra effort now will help to create a great school year for your child, yourself and your business.


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