The impact of information technology on society

Have you ever thought what our community was like without the help of information technology? If we go back for one hundred years, should we live without a computer? These stationary plastics have so terribly influenced our daily lives that suffering only takes us into consideration not having them.

According to Wikipedia, "When computer and telecommunications technology is united, the result is information technology." We have become so used to those who rule our lives, we certainly use the fact that we do not even have to leave the privacy of our worlds to run the simplest argument. No longer have we got bored to pay our bills; www. do it with a click. Is it time for a new clothes, a furniture or a washing machine? No panic. Choose the best price, brand or color, enter your credit card information and you're almost done.

See how information technology has given independence and self-esteem in the elderly and physical challenge. Imagine, active parents do not have to go to college and have children with a niece or grandmother. Information technology enables them to enjoy everything; continue to approach their weekly / monthly salary, play their roles within the family and earn their points as the children go to sleep. Some take it a step further by looking for a job and eventually working at home with the help of these stationary devices.

Secondly, security and many life-saving strategies have been developed with computer help. Companies have set up a warning system that accompanies computers, housed in their offices. The first discovery of smoke or fire draws attention to representatives in offices, which immediately draw attention to the fire department. The same applies to collection protection for any item in a secured property without the correct key words; The alarm sounds and reps. Soon, law enforcement takes place in a few minutes. Think of the elderly who have "life protection" around the neck that makes breathing problems easy to detect from the other end by pressing the key.

Just as meteorologists can observe storms and hurricanes weeks before landfalls. This draws attention to the severity and precise areas that are more likely to be affected, giving citizens enough time to prepare food and water, strengthen their homes, and make appropriate plans for family, expensive and valuable assets. In addition, the development area of ​​the child is followed from the beginning of thought to birth. Imagine watching the mother's stomach to see the child's length, weight and heart rate before taking a flight, almost sounds a farce.

Finally, information technology has allowed law enforcement to minimize, resolve and even prevent crimes. For example, many rental companies have traceability devices on their vehicles, which with the help of a computer can detect their exact disappearance if they are stolen. You can also track missing or wanting individuals, when they are on the phone for at least a few seconds. Detectives represent the dead by showing how, where and what their lives were taken. Fingerprint or hair hair may be all that is needed to make death speak and put a criminal behind the pole.

When we talk about computers and technology, we talk about their endless use and endless opportunities in terms of entertainment they provide, maximum health and life increased and lengthy. These machines have become family members.


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