The education system in America

The role that the education system should play in people's lives is to educate them about being aware, critics of thinking individuals who do not passively take knowledge but ask the knowledge they are taught. Education should teach to give students the skills and intelligence they need to understand the world and how the world works to survive. However, the education system in America has been known to produce students who are ignorantly ignorant of the world and different cultures. One of the reasons is because the education system in the current situation does not understand much space for critical thinking, but coaches individuals to be trustworthy, employees of bees in the global economy who maintain their status rich and "others" do not make it hard. The problem becomes obvious if we look at the diverse curricula and subjects taught. There is a lack of emphasis on academic learning and all that matters is to test noise. The schools in this country have become Muslims with unclear curricula that assume that through continuous tests, students will be ready for life in a new international community. . . whatever.

I had a recent conversation with a colleague and we discussed how African-Americans were treated for 40 years and I was amazed by her naivety on this subject, considering the fact that she was a university teacher and African America. From the moment I arrived at college, I was happy to explore the history of Africa and Africa-America history from a point of view that did not seem to be subordinate and universities gave students this opportunity. I could only wonder what kind of history and social times she had taken; from her conversation, nobody. But the sad truth is that when most people decide to join a university it is for the purpose of reaping economic benefits, not to increase human awareness.

In order for the education system in this country to produce students who are not clueless about their history and the world around them, it should be restructured in a number of ways. Parent counseling should be necessary, as school education is required to take the exam. Lack of parent involvement is an overwhelming factor in the current failing education system. Parents need to instill in their children just how harmful education is for their future. Teachers are wonderful people who can take students from the top of the Olympus to the cold and destruction of Antarctica but they are there to teach, not a parent. Many teachers spend a lot of time teaching children and taking childcare, two things that are not part of their work. Teachers need parental involvement in order for the education system to work and education starts at home.

Funding for the education system should also be restructured. Public schools are also funded by property tax, which leads to a very uneven distribution of education. Communities that are rich have more resources for local communities than those who do not. This situation directly affects the quality of education that children in urban and poor rural areas receive. The No Child Left Behind Act will only make it worse because of the necessary tests and public report on results. When parents are buying a new house, they want to live in a school environment that has a strong test score. This reduces asset prices in those areas, which means that only wealthy families can afford to live in school that is the best achievement. This means more property taxes to these areas, while lower performance schools lose their funding if they do not meet federal standards. There should be a fair tax system for education not based on property owners' property tax. The capital fund is largely distributed to various schools by state and municipalities and major discourses in this funding are based on races. According to American Education by Joel Spring, a gap of more than $ 1,000 is based on national-based races, with large states like New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania, which lead the nation to their inadequate to properly fund education (Vor, page 77). Children should not suffer because of an economic background or nationality, and public education should not distinguish between rich and poor, or black and white. Every child who attends a public school must receive equal education. Equal funding would provide teachers with the right resource to educate students better. School choice and privatization of public schools systems would not be a factor because, according to my estimation, the education system in America was fully and equally funded by federal government and closely monitored. With the inflow of money pouring into the education system from the government, schools would change significantly for the better because it is the biggest issue in most public schools: lack of money.

The curriculum of the curriculum would be modified to fit into the national melting pot of different cultures and nationalities. From elementary school to college, students are bombarded with facts and figures about wealthy, white men, such as women or other minority groups, do not exist or contribute to America's worthy history. No wonder, so many students delete historical facts: they do not care about it because they can not refer to players in history. Students need to take courses that will give them a deeper understanding of the outside world, courses that cover the history of multifaceted and oppressed individuals in Iceland and around the world. They should read books that make them think, not just to process information for the next test. If more students understand people's values ​​and cultures differently, then it would not be easy or perhaps even possible for the government to lie and use propaganda technology to trick the people into believing that everything is fine and its leaders fit. It is important to emphasize that most tests are designed by people who do not know the demographic, national or economic background of students to be tested and these tests are biased towards minorities and the poor. If students are testing, supplementary education will be available to students, free of charge for parents.

Having competent teachers, board members and managers are also an important part of the education reform. Having qualified managers and board members who know and enforce standards and guidelines is important. What are the qualifications of the manager? Are there any qualifications required? These are questions that require answers. Just because someone has a degree does not make this person the best for the job. Board members should not be because they golf with the mayor; All Board members should have a Masters degree in education or have high social justice. As far as teachers are concerned, the education system should make sure that the best teachers are selected from places and often evaluated. This would give parents and education an opportunity to find out what is wrong and what is needed to correct the problems. Public education requires teachers and board members who really care about the children and their education, not individuals who want perks to work for the school system: summer and holiday, steady increase and fat loss. American children suffer from inadequate subjects involved in the education system.

The "culture of poverty" knowledge that some politicians have used to explain the difference between education between different nationalities would be an impressive attempt with the status quorum to "teach" individuals for their poverty if the education system was restructured to meet the needs of all students, not just wealthy. A major gap between poor students and rich students does not occur because poorer students have adapted to poverty conditions, but because they do not have the resources to succeed at school. If students need to deal with old-fashioned textbooks, the lack of toilet and computers from the late 1990's, their chance to do a theoretical degree of nausea and their ability to escape from school.

In a just and equal society, the education system I have discussed begins decades ago, but it has not and probably will not. In a hierarchical society like America, there will always be someone at the low end of the Totem pole and the best way to do it is with their mis-education the most vulnerable: the children. Neglecting the education system in the US threatens the economic well-being of all nations. Without education imbalances are diminished and its system restructured overall, the wealthy gap between the rich and the poor will continue to widen and the United States will become famous for being the subjugated nation. Spring, Joel. American Education. (2006). New York: McGraw-Hill


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