The beginning of the University of Kenya

STEP 1: The first step is to go to Sheria House (registrars) and acquire a search for a university.

STEP 2: From Sheria House, the company will acquire certain documents intended to be taken to TELEPOSTA GPO building, as the company will receive a claim list, letter without object and confirmation letter / wait letter. The requirement basically contains all documents that the company is interested in before it is approved. The letter of acceptance should then cover the educational material that the company requests, KASNEB, KNEC, CITY AND GUILDS. This is necessary to obtain the necessary curriculum. Further information and explanations can be found in this document.

STEP 3: From Sheria House, the applicant will then be directed to TELEPOSTA, where the registration process and necessary information will be provided.


For registration at TELEPOSTA, the organization should have the promise ready.

The Agency should also have a curriculum

The Agency should have legal documents; works; (Legislative, Labor, Ministry of Education), which can be obtained from a government printer or from an existing institution.

University teachers should also have a higher scale than what they intend to teach at the university, for example, an examiner should be in a degree and a certificate programmer should have a diploma.

Finally, the Agency should receive a manual provided at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of the Site.

In terms of timetable, pre-university college will only be subject to the applicant and urgency, but upon completion of the application, the Ministry of Education and Technology will take 60-70 days to make final decisions before they go ahead.

Student Guidelines

The Ministry of Culture recognizes the following study materials in Kenya, KASNEB, KNEC, CITY AND GUILDS, ICM, ABEUK, NITA INDUSTRIAL TRAINING AUTHORITY (NITA).

FOR CASH: The Agency is required to collect application forms from the KASNEB website. Once an application is completed, KASNEB will send individuals to evaluate the agency. From that point of view, KASNEB advises the applicant on the necessary measures.

for KNEC; Once the registration documents are filled, the Agency will go to the KNEC offices, where they will receive the Center number for the Agency.

NITA: The NITA curriculum is available to any organization even before it is registered. You can buy it for Ksh.500 on the curriculum as required by the agency at NITA's offices in Commercial Street, Industrial area. Nairobi.


City and Guilds are their international curriculum body requirements are more than local organizations; which are:

1. Schedule with names and titles of those involved in the submission of the course / program.
2. Certificate for all current teachers who participate in the delivery of the course / study.
3. Copy of Appeals Appeal
4. Equal rights, this is due.
5. Health certificate of your concessions from the relevant ministry.
6. Equipment list for use with the delivery of the course / program.
7. Completed form CGI -CAP, Center Approval *
8. Completed form CGI-QAP, Qualification Approval *
9. Ministry of Education / Science and Technology or Industrial Development Certificate.
10. Center approval fee Ksh. 210,000 percent
11. Compatible with Ksh. 40,000 per person.

* These forms are presented by the City and Guild Office.


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