The Apple Tablet – What will affect a human being on humanity?

Is iPad revolutionizing modern thinking of technology and communication? Will iPad bring humanity's consciousness closer together than ever before? How is the iPad to change society and culture. Are we sure to end up like this blind guy from a stint with Internet visor?

Well, now that it is likely that the apple pie is called the iPad, it will certainly not interfere with the social impact … looking back into a tech story about this great product and wondering … "What the hell are you thinking?" by quitting it being called iSlate (a much better and more impressive name) we might find ourselves in a brand new world. And with the brand I mean Apple's brand.

Apple could take the world this way, which stands against the biggest contest: Google. We all know that the future (and our money) will belong to one of these two companies. But enough of this talk … I'm not writing about business politics. Next topic.

Everyone says that iPad will "save print media" if this is really true, then this device (iPad / iPad) will definitely change the way the world looks at information technology almost as much as the internet has affected it.

We'll soon forget that "real paper" looks and is absorbed in virtual reality as we have been trying to do for years! Now, don't let me get away from me. We won't eat computers and suffer from evil machines … at least not yet. Although not one of these tanks has the apple symbol on it?

Okay, we'll be serious. The iSlate or iPad will probably not be a game changing, but it will be very cool and comfortable for a lot of reasons but we will not know why we want it until we see it.

Continue, next Wednesday will be a Judgment Day!

UPDATE: iPad (bad name) is here! Just informed! So come back for more!


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