Technology development – Replace old with new

The Internet is a common tool because none of its data is present in the universe, so the information provided in Russia or Kenya is similar to the world, despite the translation in many languages. Internet connections in mobile phones, desktops, laptops and now tablet computers called iPad and Galaxy from leading manufacturers have been overwhelmingly affected by information technology.

Business has become more convenient because of the Internet. Because accessibility is accessible, select a large company to advertise through it to launch and promote certain products, upload information through it in terms of market share, reviews, benefits, and including with the goal of consumers and # 39; money. Known as internet marketing, it has provided a cheap media ad aimed at a broad audience audience in such a short time to and from all parts of the world. However, prospective buyers are faced with a number of restrictions. Unlike buying or shopping from shopping centers where the purchase of such items is based on buyers' views, the internet purchases do not make any satisfaction as restrictions on how goods feel, tastes, odors or matches are not experienced.

The internet is considered the website of unlimited knowledge and is a tool used for student and departmental research activities better than books and the library. Over the years from the invention, library users and businesses have fallen and its decline is well documented. In 2002-2004, a major study of universities and scholarships in the United States was produced, referring to the fact that business references dropped by 4.5 per cent per year. Known as digital libraries provides internet through search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, information about a few seconds. Despite being unreliable sometimes compared to libraries, the internet is chosen because there is quick access.

Communication has improved dramatically due to the internet, as Skype and Yahoo messengers lead to interactive communication, as both parties see each other on the screen of the computer. Additionally, servers have joined several mobile phone companies for additional services, such as SMS and Internet access that makes mobile phones a kiosk. Data, communications, images, documents and the like can be sent, downloaded, stored and retrieved within a few seconds by email and other social networks based on days by courier. Apart from being affordable, the internet has provided a convenient, fast and practical device for communication.

Reducing the use of ad services, libraries, phones is unavoidable because computers are so many tasks, cost-effective and temporary tools that are unbeatable for other devices. Overworking, it's not far from the reality that libraries, phones and other utilities will be vacant because of a computer.


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