Teaching Tips for safe sex high school

Good sex assessment should allow adolescents to talk freely about sex and relationships with human interaction, activity within the federal, love, family, and future. Sexual assessment should be open enough so that the atmosphere in the classroom is comfortable and the youth does not feel depressed when asking questions.

Sorry, most parents & # 39; Functions are less the result of planning in advance, and more frequent responses to children's feelings. This requires the importance of excluding youngsters as much as possible. The aim of teachers should provide them with information on different types of sexual protection and provide knowledge based on holistic attitudes.

Proposals for How Sexual Education Could Be Introduced in High School

On a global AIDS Day, college students can visit people with AIDS at hospitals or in their homes so that these people think they have someone comforting and nurturing them, even if it's only today. Students can help patients' AIDS & # 39; children (if they have children) with schooling and / or games just to reconstitute sick individuals with AIDS in a constructive manner.

One powerful method of exposing students to subjects such as unwanted pregnancy and abortion is through movies. Show a picture about young people who are pregnant and decide that abortion is genuine without the knowledge of their parents. After the picture, the class divided into two groups: one group is the teenager and the other parent. Ask the question: "Do you want to tell your parents you are pregnant?" and if so, "how would you tell them?" Basically, play a role-playing game where the challenge is to express publicly as if they were in that position. Roleplaying, if well-constructed, can be a very effective learning tool.

Finally ask the question: "Do you have an open relationship with your parents where you can talk about sex problems, more active relationships with a boy or girl or about sexual prevention?" If some of the students & # 39; The answers are negative, the question: "What can you do to make your parents' relationship free and open?" Finally, wake up the key question: "Does it interfere with your open relationship with your parents?"

Another method of teaching sexual education is that students follow questions about AIDS. Despite the fact that many students may have heard of the AIDS disease, many do not know its causes and what it is exactly. Questions like: "Can you reduce the risk of infection by taking birth control pills? Can you get AIDS by giving blood?" And "Can you get AIDS from oral sex?" Are there any relevant questions to ask. same questionnaire and interview with friends, neighbors, relatives, family members, and compare results among members in the class. The purpose of this questionnaire is to present a variety of topics such as: "What can we say about the fact that people do not know the answers? Is it teaching the school, the family or society? Do you think it's good or bad that your parents do not ask or share emotions His / her knowledge about AIDS, Preventing Sexual Diseases and Contraception? Do you want your parents to talk to you about this? "This activity focuses on parent-teen relationships about talking about sex and what can be prevented for teens & # 39; doubts, fears and concerns.

Perhaps this chunk of "something else" can be provided by providing the school system or at parents-teacher meetings as these issues should be discussed publicly. After such meetings, new or seasoned university teachers will not stop talking about talking with their students, as parents talk to their children.


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