Teacher's new teachings on preparing back to school

The real trick in the first day school curriculum is not to plan and keep the tone serious for learning. This means standing by regularly, strengthening rules and procedures, and even spending the first five or ten minutes to re-classify them in class. Keep the basics, avoid too much creativity. What a student needs now is a consistent practice that can easily be solved during the school year.

I know this is easier said than done. You, as a new teacher, will spend a greater inch of feeling & # 39; your way into the classroom the first few weeks and especially the first few days of reading the students & # 39; answers, gather information about their collaboration and information gathering as a course. You will soon grow to know what makes them mark & ​​# 39; as a class, what the difficulties are and what you need to do to keep them when lessons are not right.

You have to imitate and experiment with different school management styles and choose the one that is happy with it. You must always have classes in the classroom to deal with and this is where New Teacher Support can help you with tools and ideas to handle this particular school management problem.

It is probably a great idea to write out seating tables in the classroom and learn the names of students. This will help you quickly connect with students and help you customize your teaching. It will only help you take control of school management problems before they become too agitated.

This is where you also come with your lessons. You should have a variety of worksheets and fillers, but keep them for ten or fifteen minutes when you think the students have absorbed enough and are passive enough to do short written assignments quietly.

Also take into account the time of day. The last few periods call for more idle but not active activities.

Good luck to all new teachers who start their first day at school. Please feel free to email me any concerns or questions you may have.


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