Squishies – The Latest Craze sweep Middle Schools and beyond

The kids are naturally born collectors. They also love fads. Enter: Squishy. This Japanese import is the latest mystery and causes it to be scared. Not only are they hard to find, as they are not sold in your store, most adults have never heard of them.

Today we will answer all the common questions we get about squishies. What are they? Squishies are soft "bread like" mascots, shaped as either a type of baked good, a character or a combination of two. They are the latest version of the stress ball, even softer and more "kawaii" (the Japanese word "sweet"). Squishies are usually spotted, cake or bread is the most common choice. Usually, squishies are attached to a mobile phone rack or lanyard.

Why do the children love them? Well, of course they are cute. Squishies are tactile and fun for kids to squish again and again, then the name. Add a sweet smell and you have many sensational toys that can be completely irresistible.

Where did this photo come from? Like many great fads, this is another one of those fun and wacky imports from Japan. Japanese teenagers (and adults!) Love to decorate your cell phone with fake trees, fruits and gems. This is called the deco-den. You've probably seen someone with Hello Kitty mobile phones blinged out this way. In addition to making a cell phone closer as kawaii as possible, they also love to hang cute or funny straps from them. Mobile phones are a huge trend in Japan and have been for several years.

In order to finish how the kids in the United States have become obsessed with squishies, we seem to have narrowed down one strong source: YouTube. Search the word squishies on YouTube and you'll find hundreds of videos all over the place. On YouTube, children and even adults, shopping, showcase your collection and even try to create home operations. Two things are quite clear in watching these videos. A. These guys are absolutely obsessed with squishies. B. They want a lot of them, and the more "rare" the better.

Where do you feel unusual explosions or even explosions in general? You will find the best variety in Japan. Of course, most parents are not willing to travel the world for a five dollar trinket. Another place they seem to meet from time to time is in Japan Towns and even China Towns that are present in urban areas across the country. The easiest place to find them right on your fingertips.


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