Special Education Reform?

I remember 20 years ago when I graduated from special needs education and my partner received a degree in undergraduate studies, told me that his father, principal, said that I probably would not waste my time in special needs education. He said that special education would have disappeared from public education. I was almost with my masters at this point so I thought I had to take my chances with it, without which choice did I ever have at that point?

I received a special education job and taught for about 10 years. There was a lot of amount and talent over the past 10 years and finally I decided I would change my confirmation and switch to high school history. At this point in my career, I remembered what my friend had said a decade ago, wondering if I was ahead of school bowls, as I no longer needed a special teacher, even though it was 10 years later. I wonder if my job was safe now in my new home in the history department.

Well, I loved teaching history but life has its own funny ways that are not in line with us and what we want, after the decade of the teaching process, I received personal teaching for the first time in the budget and my job was eliminated. Fortunately, I got back into special education, believe it or not.

It had been more than two decades since my old graduate teacher told me that the need for teachers in special education was to disappear. Over the past two decades, my friend had gone from college to elementary school teacher to assist the principal as principal, as his father had done. I had graduated from college to teachers in special education for a social association to return to teachers in special education, like no one else I knew had done. And believe it or not, there was still a lot of special jobs available when I landed there for the second time. Actually there were actually plenty of jobs there because there is a lack of teachers in special needs education in 49 of our 50 states. Imagine that … Two decades after I was told that special education would be gone, and I find that they still do not seem to have enough special education teachers.

Continue a few years ago, and it's a new and interesting spin that affects special education, called full participation. Now the registration is not new to our schools. Of course, the registration has a long history of interest in our schools.

For six decades, Case Brown's Supreme Court was at the Educational Institute. In 1954, the new law of the country became an integrated school for all races. For four decades, the basic principles of people with disabilities (IDEA) took effect and ensure that more than six million students with disabilities have the right to free and appropriate education, which means that they must also be included in the general education of the population.

To assist, schools will create a Planning and Placement Group (PPT) that meets and discusses an individual-oriented student plan, then puts the student into an appropriate educational location based on the student & # 39; s needs and the law. The location must also be the least restrictive environment (LRE). I still remember my university professor who describes the least limited environment in short that one would not come with a machine gun to handle flights. Rather, one would just bring a fly-swatter to take care of a fly. In other words, if the child is handicapped in an immediate school, the child does not have to send through the town or even at another school in a special school.

Today, many schools try to improve this engagement model and at least a limited environment by moving from a full-time study. Schools in the Los Angeles School District have moved a large majority of their students through their special education centers in the last three years and in schools in the neighborhood, where they are fully integrated into elective classes such as fitness, horticulture and cooking. They are also integrated into ordinary classes in mainstream classes, but usually not the same as elective courses.

Michigan schools say it wants to break down the walls between general education and special education creating a system where students get more help when they need it and that support does not have to be in a special classroom special classroom.

Some school districts in Portland, Oregon are a little further than Los Angeles schools that are just leading special education students back from special schools and Michigan schools that are just beginning to try full student engagement and eliminate most special high schools.

Being a bit further in this process makes Portland an interesting parable. Many parents who supported the idea of ​​integrating special education students in normal teaching hours in Portland are now worried about how Portland's public school is doing it. Portland is heading for full-time education by 2020. However, some teachers in Portland say: "Of course, students in special needs education will fail and they are going to respond because we are not fulfilling their needs … If there is not proper support there, it's not acceptable not only for the child but also for general teachers. "

Parents in Portland said:" I'd rather have my child feel good than being a college ready. "She says Furthermore, "I want my children to be a good and successful person who makes the world a better place. When we stop dealing with them as individuals, there is a problem." Unfortunately, many parents and teachers have gone to the Portland School District, and much more are fantasies about it because they think the full-time model is not working as they showed it.

How much should the schools integrate special education students is a burning question of an hour. In my personal experience, integration can not only be integrated, but it is necessary. With some support, many students in special education can be in the standard course.

A few years ago I even had a paraplegic boy in a wheelchair that was wearing a breathing seat that sits on the standard course in the classroom. Every day, the expert and his nurse left him and sat with him. He always smiled at the stories I told about Alexander the Great March over 11,000 miles of territory and conquered a lot of known worlds at that time. By the way, Alexander the Great also practiced his own model of participation in encouraging friendship to conquer and encourage his troops to marry the arrests of women in order to create lasting peace.

Other important factors that need to be considered in a particular learning environment are essential social activities and saving money-sharing. The kids learn from other kids and money that is not spent on special education could be spent in general education, right? Hmm …

If you failed to say, I said a little earlier that many special educators could be integrated, but I said all or even most should to be integrated. There are only a few students who are leaving away too much of the teacher's time and attention from other students, such as for students with severe behavioral problems. When we put serious behavioral problems in regular education, it's just unreasonable for all the other children there. Similar conditions could have been made for other serious disabilities, requiring too much of primary educator's individual time and attention.

Hey, I'm not going to test a child with severe disability in general education. But what I say is that the schools need a better system to track these locations and can quickly remove students who do not work out and take a good time from other students. In addition, the schools need to do this without damaging the teacher because the teacher said that the student had not been successful and turned off the learning process of the students. Leaving a boy in location is not good for any party involved. Time period.

Over the last two decades I have worked with more special education, but I remember as a teacher in special education and a regular teacher in classes. I have learned to become very flexible and patient and it has had some of the most challenging and needy kids in my class. I have worked miracles with these children over the years and I know I'm not the only teacher out there to do this. There are many more out there like me. But what I'm worried about is that because teachers are so dedicated and reducing daily miracles in classrooms, provinces, leaders of society and politicians could push too hard for the full participation of the model and think that teachers just have to figure it out. Installation of teachers and students due to failure is never a good idea.

Rathermore, I hope it's just not the money they're trying to save while pushing this overall plan in advance because what we really should try to save is our kids. As Fredrick Douglas said, "it's easier to build stronger children than to deal with broken men." Regardless of how financial education is cut, the line is that the pie is too small, and our teachers in special education and our special education teachers should not have done it to pay for it.

In addition, I have long been a teacher to be at least a little skeptical when I hear bosses say that the reason they are pushing for the full participation of the model is that companionship is so important. I know it's important. But I also know that too many are hanging their caps on the excuse of social rather than studying the special needs of students and giving them what they really need. I have seen special education students whose talents only let them draw pictures sitting in honored classes. There is no real companion taking place here. It just does not make sense.

Well, finally comes a full circle. It will be interesting to see where this is a full participation. The wise men will not let their teachers in special education go, or get rid of their classrooms. And for school environments that do, I imagine it will not take long before they realize the mistakes they made and start recruiting special teachers again. For my friends and ex-prime minister from all these years, who thought special education would be going away, we're not there yet, and telling you the truth, I think we'll never be.


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