Some bonuses at the boarding school

If you are a parent asking if it is worth signing up for private lessons or if you are simply curious about the benefits that such education might bring, read.

Pastoral Care

In compulsory schools, students have more contact with teachers and teachers. This is especially true if teachers live on campus, close to the children.

Some teachers also take on the role of housemaster or housemistress, which is responsible for the well-being of students in their housing. They can include weekend activities, for example, cooking together or watching movies tonight.

It is great for kids and teenagers to get to know adults other than their parents and relatives. These teachers look towards older generations and understanding of power. It is also very healthy to have a genuine adult model, not just a celebrity or fiction that can be searched.

In a purely academic environment, students only see the teacher as a professional, but outside the classroom, they become familiar to them as adults.


Living outside the family at home from a young age, children prepare better to enter the adult world as independent individuals. They inevitably learn to look after themselves without waking up adults to carry out their tasks and tasks.

It is important to give your children the freedom they deserve after you trust them to go to school. This means limiting calls and emails and letting them continue with their lives. They will appreciate the trust you place in them and the less frequent calls, the more you will learn to appreciate the potential of reaching you.

At school, the children do not have unlimited access to the TV and the computer, as many children do at home. This means that they have to organize their own entertainment and manage their time according to homework and duties without encouraging mom and dad.

Professional Guidance

Although professional guidance is accessible at most schools, in preschools, these routes can be introduced more quickly and can be substantial. Teachers and counselors are there to help students determine their interests, choose subjects, and set up a career path, or at least lay the foundations for one.

Tutorial systems differ between private schools in Scotland, England and elsewhere. If this is a very important feature for you, feel free to ask in an open day or over the phone.

Some schools can assign each student's counselor according to their academic interests, while others will have one healthy employee to help the child make the best decisions to develop their abilities.


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