Small business owners do not have to be afraid of information technology

This year, Ford introduces an inflatable rear seat belt, the Toyota Prius will sport a sounder air conditioning system, Chrysler will launch an airbag and Mercedes-Benz will unveil the hybrid. You are not afraid of all this advanced technology, are you? You say: "Come with it. I love technology for safety, fuel consumption and comfort that it brings."

Do you think that awesome technology?

Why is it that many small businesses are afraid of information technology. No, I do not have survey results to support it. But there are plenty of evidence that suggests that this is the case. In fact, it's so bad, it seems to be terrible technology for some of you. Yes, I agree that some of the IT technical jargon can be awesome. But then there will be a car. Sometimes, the change of IT itself can add to the scary factor. But then there is a change rate in the car market no less either.

Let us take an example of building a business website. Some of you could be technically savvy and treat all soup-to-nuts. This is understandable – so do car enthusiasts. This is a very small percentage of people who are either IT owners of the company or become technical savvy.

But for the majority of you, when you buy a car, you're going to drive it. You emphasize its features and accessories you require and you are ready for individual tire changes or fuel oil. You do not worry about how to fix the transfer or replace the machine. This is a healthy attitude to technology, any technology.

I find that some owners of small businesses are so afraid of technology that they either have no website at all or hide everything in technology. You are the one who most knows your business. You know the nuances of the market and the right ways to communicate with your customers and potential. You need to get acquainted with the different tools available and their pros and cons and you need to make the food, just as you will try to drive the car you are going to buy. Allow a technician to install, configure and secure a website for you. Then you step in and create content. Modern tools allow someone who is not technically to create content and publish it on the website. Then let the technician help with maintenance, support and upgrading.

Convert it to essential technology!

When hybrid technology showed its appearance in cars a few years ago, it gave a great boost to boost fuel efficiency. Similarly, information technology enables you to reach markets that are inaccessible sooner, make you as effective on the road as you are in the office and make your automated business seamless from end to end. Approach it like buying a car. Instead of scary technology it will become an essential technique.


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