Ski School – FAQ

If you are considering embarking on a ski trip for the first time, some of the following common questions and answers might prove helpful.

Where do such trips go?

Maybe the French, Swiss, Italian and Austrian Alps were the main destinations – and they are still a big part of many school ski tours. In recent years, new school destinations have opened, including places like Andorra and North America.

How do you decide which resource is best?

There is so much choice that it will be accepted that choosing is not always easy! A good starting point is to find expertise in school ski tours and ask for advice. Some resources are simply better equipped for some requirements than others – for example, your age group may matter. An expert will help fit your requirements against available options.

Does anyone need experience?

No, not at all! Many resources have a good kindergarten and # 39; and they will easily bring students the skills of the stairs starting with complete beginners.

Will the children buy their own equipment?

No, as planned trips will or may take measures for the equipment. However, participants will usually have to invest in their own warm clothing.

Is air travel essential?

No, and it could be a blessing if you have students with flying phobias. Most Alpine and Pyrenean resorts can be comfortably reached by coaches within a manageable time frame from the French channel port. Of course, North America involves a long flight.

What accommodation is provided?

This is very different depending on the trip you chose and the resources. Generally, accommodation is in shared (separate) dormitories or small group rooms. The standards are usually high if you travel with established and experienced agents.

What to do outside of skiing?

This is another important point to consider and keep in mind when choosing a resource. Younger people need to be upheld if an expedition is to be avoided, and not all resources around the world need to have the same facilities for skiing. Some, however, offer excellent additional equipment, including trips to local or city, swimming, skiing, cinemas, discos and so on. Again, consider this.

How demanding will the food be?

It is very clear to be a problem. Skiing and snow sports burn a lot of calories and before that food is usually ample and calorie-carbohydrates intense. It will also usually be of the type that most adolescents will be very familiar with, including pasta, pizzas, soups, meats and chips, along with enough sweet cakes, etc. It will not be controversial for most of the majority of typical school ski participants.


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