Sight Words – Kindergarten

Preschool teachers often look for effective ways to teach playschool teachers a word. Many preschool teachers use different methods to teach their student stories, such as teaching using television games, television lists, and television programs. The appropriate method for teaching pre-school teachers shall determine the teaching of teachers by evaluating the age, learning disabilities and other pupils / classroom-related preschools.

Sight words are the most common words used in English. A preschool teacher should speak these important words so that they can recognize the words "sight". These important words are fundamental to reading and are taught in all elementary schools across the United States. Preschool visual arts are important for increasing student reading. The glossary consists of words that often appear in kindergartens and kindergartens.

Although there are several kindergartens, word lists are one of the most common Dolch Kindergarten Sight Word Lists. The Dolch Kindergarten Glossary consists of basic word levels and was created by Dr. EW Dolch in 1930.

Dolch Primer or preschool grade visual words are as follows: All I have, ate, be black, brown, but come, did, did, eat, four, got good, he has, in, like, new, no, now on our, out, please pretty, ran, fuck, saw, say, she, so, son, there, they, too, under, wanted, were, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes

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