Public schools in need of prayer and missionaries

"I am very afraid that the schools try to be a great side of hell unless they are having trouble explaining the holy scriptures and digging them into the hearts of youth. I do not advise anyone to put their child where the scriptures do not do any organization there which humans are not constantly occupied by God's Word, must be spoiled. " – Martin Luther

1. In need of prayer

Since 1962, the Supreme Court has dropped down this culturally corrupted prayer camp. Among other things, sports events in high school have been on target. These events usually start with the national anthem and then a prayer that crosses the speakers. These worshipers to God's hosts often contain worship to fair athletes. This is truly the need for a corrupt, money-making world of sports today.

The author remembers happy football in Highmoreland, TN. It was the first football match I ever followed. It was wonderful and most of all, I thank them for continuing to pray. My breath was moved when I heard people pray and saw football players bend their heads. This is how it should be. No curse, not played!

Hræsni Supreme Court Against Paternity Obsession becomes apparent when compared to the Court's recognition of numerous Biblical and morally deprived school policies. These items were highlighted on September 1, when Jody McLoud at ROANE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL at KINGSTON, TENNESSEE, before the first home of the football game in the school's season was found, is a brief statement about the general numbering system. Here's what he had to say:

"It has always been customary at Roane County High School football talks to say prayer and play anthem to honor God and country. Because of recent ruling from the Supreme Court I'm said to say that Prayer is a violation of the Federal Case Act. As I understand the law at this time, I can use this public facility to accept sexual perversion and call it another way of life and if someone is cheated, that's okay, I can use it to accept sexual solitude by giving condoms and calling it safe sex. If someone is cheated, then it's ok. I can even use this public facility to introduce the benefits of killing an unborn baby as a viable birth if someone is cheated, no problem. I can designate school today as a day of the earth and entrust students with activities to religiously worship and praise goddess, mother of the earth and call it ecology. I can use literature, video and presentations in classrooms that describe peo pleasing strong, traditional, Christian convictions as simple and ignorant and call it enlightenment. However, if anyone uses this opportunity to honor God and ask him to bless this event with security and good sporting beauty, breach of US law. This seems to be at best, inconsistencies and at worst hypocrisy. Obviously, we must be patient about everything and everyone except God and his commandments. Nevertheless, as a principal, I often ask staff and students to follow rules that they do not necessarily agree. For me to do otherwise would be at best inconsistencies and at worst hypocrisy. I'm suffering from violence unintentionally. I certainly do not need to add a deliberate violation. For this reason, I will, "give the emperor what Caesar is," and avoid praying at this time. But if you feel inspired to honor, praise and thank God and ask him in the name of Jesus to bless this event, feel free to do it. As far as I know, it's not against the law yet. "

Principal McLoud encountered a problem he and other teachers experience when dealing with our ever-present anti-Christian tropism government school. On the answers to his comments, he said that most of those who were attending , including members of both teams, "were grateful and … answered with applause." Asked if there was any compliment, he recalled, "No. Anyway, "adds that" the response I've received from all over the world … has been overwhelmingly positive. "Indeed, there were 300-500 communication that he had received only 4 or five negative in tone.

The New Schoolbar

Now I set myself down in a school against the rule. Because this great a nation under God finds that he is very strange, the Bill of Rights, and whenever I point my head, the nation is the matter now. Our hair can be purple, orange or green, there is no break, it's a place of liberty. The law is special, The law is precise. Serious vice, to pray in the public hall, could offend someone who has no faith at all. In silence alone, we need to contemplate, the name of God is forbidden by the kingdom. We allow to cuss and dress like freaks and our nose, tongue and cheeks, they have excluded guns, but first of all, in the Bible. We can choose a pregnant Senior Queen, and our "unwanted dad", our Senior King. It is "unauthorized In "Teaching Right From Wrong. We are taught that such" judgments "do not belong. We can get our condoms and contraception, read dentist, vampires and totem poles. But the Ten Commandments are not allowed, it's awesome here I have to confess when a mess is in a mess. So, sir, this silent pain I do: Should I be shot? My soul please take! Amen!

Author Unknown

2. In need of missionaries

If God calls missionaries to distant countries, do you think he is unable to send a missionary to a public college in the United States? I want to ask all Christian school participants: Have you been born again? If you have been born again, has the Lord ever asked you to receive him at school? Is the Lord calling you to be Christ's ambassador at your school?

Although many Christian families are at home with their children, there are still many Christian students in public schools. They should think of themselves as "missionaries in the general school system". They can use discussions in the class to share Biblical views. They can use discussion to speak for Christ, for God's word, etc. What Apollos did in Acts 18: 24-28. They can use written assignments for research in accordance with the Bible and gather it with data from Christian publications, associations, etc. If you are a student at a public school, have you ever asked and asked the Lord for wisdom how to change the situation at school in witness opportunity? You can witness in many ways! Here are some suggestions:

High apparel.

You can already witness Christ for the way you wear. In schools, many young people dress in very secular and provocative ways. They are dependent on the trademarks of the clothes. The hair looks untouched and strange. If you, as a child of God, come to school in a clean and moderate appearance, they will know the difference. Click here to read a moderate apparel. It does not matter if the school has the code or not. The Bible has the code. As a guide, I give you the code in the cemetery. The girls must wear beautiful dresses or skirts (under the knee). No sleeveless top, no jeans, no improper wear, no tight legs. girls can be under knee culottes, capris or wind pants. "

Teach Your Teacher!

Public schools are full of false or anti-Christian teachings. As a Christian, you know that you do not need to pay attention to development, sexual education or attempts to rewrite America's history and strip it from Christian heritage. First of all, when it comes to sexual education, try to go to the class. Walk out. It is offensive, ungodly, in opposition to your belief in arrogance, temperament, and marriage. Provide other students with an area or information material that gives the Bible an overview of be ready to stand up and tell the teacher that you disagree with him. Be ready to answer him. Read 1 Peter 3:15! Yes, you can teach your teacher. The teacher is not an all-powerful God. modern college teachers are often leaning to the left, towards liberalization and through NEA they are indoctrinate ed in radical antichrist thought.

Tasks: Read Psalm 119: 97-104. Question: What does your teacher say about Bible studies?

Your answer: ________________________________

Here's the situation I faced in my school. The teacher gave us text with a news report. The news report was about a conservative politician who compared the number of abortions with the Holocaust. As a politically correct teacher, he was persecuted by the article and our homework was to comment on an "inappropriate" statement by politicians. So when I was home, I took some professional literature I previously received from a Christian ministry and wrote a paper that gives accurate figures of jealous children in the United States since 1973. I described the cruel treatment of abortion in detail. I added pictures of divorced children. I concluded with the statement that I fully endorse the politician's statement because of what I indicated. I gave a brief statement on legislation to end legalizing abortion on demand. The number of US abortions reach far beyond the number of victims of victims. I was reading my homework at school. The teacher was outraged and flabbergasted because I introduced a Christian working life perspective. I supported it with the scriptures, the evidence and the pictures! It was powerful! I hope you get many opportunities like that!

Publishing Evolution

You can really start teaching teachers and classmates when it comes to development. If you are saved and living a Christian life, you have come to believe in the Bible about creation. No amount of teaching in public schools can change you, affect you, or change your mind. Your main faithfulness is Jesus Christ. Not in public school. You have come to put more trust on your priest than in your teacher. I was very blessed by the gospel that tells of a professor who thought we came from monkeys, until the student proved that development was a lie. This student can be you. Here are some other suggestions for missionaries in public schools:

  • Invite students to a meeting in your church.
  • Give students and teachers the gospel.
  • Stay away from bad people. Turn away. Do not listen to them.
  • Not forced into clicks. Resist a group or group pressure. Be independent. Dare to be different. Like Christians, we are separated.
  • Keep away from medicine, rock and rap. I'd rather listen to a roar on a jet engine than worldly music. If anybody offered me medicine, I would immediately turn the man to the police. I never had one desire, or not least, to get into it. I just said NO as ex-president Reagan suggested.
  • Refuse to participate in mystics, such as meditation, yoga, etc.
  • Make your church a priority. There are no clubs, organizations, etc. All this is for self-vainglory anyway.
  • Christians do not participate or support such stupid school activities as dancing, cheerleading, dating, sporting idols, etc. That's not what it's about. You live for Jesus and all you do at school is learning. The rest is a waste of time.
  • When students can add what kind of books can be read in class lessons, point to Christian books. The same goes for music!
  • If you can, have breakfast and lunch at home. We do not have to be locked out of school all day like bunker.
  • When you can choose a destination for a trip, please suggest a Christian monument or historical site.
  • Tell other students or teachers about this site.
  • Remember the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5: 22,23. Let other students choose a fruit from you. The fruit of the Spirit is not only for you to enjoy, but mainly for the Lord and for others around you.
  • If you are not busy (maybe because the class was discontinued) use the time to study the Bible. [19659025] Use a written assignment to clear your Christian writing skills. Use the pen that sharpened the sword of truth. Eph. 6:18. If you are speaking, speak for Jesus.
  • In stories, try to quote quotes from the founders of America who practice faith in God.
  • Join the child protection company or good news school and others
  • Create a demand for justice. Prayer and Bible reading is not a requirement for politicians. You student must insist that it is urgent and continuous and continuous. You want to see more students and save the world. You demand a school prayer. You demand creativity. You require intelligent design. You require premature education. It is a marketplace of ideas driven by supply and demand. Are you demanding God?

And if you always need to use the Webster dictionary at school, I suggest you have used 1828 dictionary Noah Webster that has its definitions from the Bible worldview. Dictionaries today are from a human point of view. It really helps to define words for their real meaning. It could be important at school. Contribute to the dictionary: add a translation English: Hungarian: Please login to add your translation: Login using Facebook The most recently searched words / expressions in the dictionary: English – Hungarian Dictionary Hungarian – English Dictionary Hungarian – German Dictionary German – Hungarian Dictionary Tags: : Webster's 1828 Dictionary .

If you are praying, you may find many, many more suggestions. Parents, churches and Christian institutions and ministries try to change schools, but from now on, the Antichrist is an onslaught in US public schools. The examples are too many to mention. Freedom of expression of religion is short. But the real key to influencing the school for Christ is the student. Christian student who will no longer compromise. Christian student who will pass. Christian student who wants to be a warrior for Christ rather than oppression. A Christian student who will say good-bye to the Sunday morning church, rather rather live for the Lord seriously 24/7 with God's Word as his final power. Christian student who does not allow himself to fall under the authority of liberal lies, secularism, humanity, ills, and wicked equilibrium.

Dear Christian student,

Is the Lord calling a missionary campus in public college America? If Christ lives in you, he will go with you when you go to school every morning. Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all things. Have you ever asked for public school projects? You do not have to go to China, India or Malawi. You may need to go to school and introduce Christ to the crowd who missed students and teachers. Save to disappear! How do you answer the call?

Your answer: _______________________


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