Public education and homework

I saw a piece on CNN, while back, which had a family of seven kids all been home-school: four of them were in or out of college and all four had started college when they were twelve years old! ! These children were happy and well-adjusted, giving credit to God and their parents for the life they had experienced. And yes, the father worked (at home) while mother taught and cared for home and children. Father and mother shared responsibility for educating their children. The whole family as a whole was based on leading God in schooling and raising their children.

Many believe that homeless children have teachers or professors for parents, but this is rarely the case. Most teachers and professors are firmly opposed to the concept of homework, as it often shows a lack of our education system.

Public education in the United States, for the most part, has been far from effective over the past half century, especially! Public school students are nothing but banks and spheres in the science of science, popular culture and corporation capitalism ("good consumers" like educational schools teach!). American students, today, do not teach thinking, reasoning, solving problems, and being creative, but are indoctrinated into a secular religious system, which, by indoctrination and intimidation (political rights), encourages them to accept current social values ​​rather than at the same time spend their family values! This is really nothing new, as our education system was born by mother atheists and business father when the industrial revolution came. Our educational system, from the beginning, was designed to raise minded and easier business coaches. This also has an atheist philosophers, from that day on, established so that they could divulge their godless faith to young and infirm.

I do not point out that most teachers and administrators are apart from, or even teach, totally, but they are in the mercy of the system, just like their students. Add to that, now we have a "standard and mandatory test" that binds our teachers even more, and here's the recipe for education and community disaster that, unless we are blind and deaf, we can see everything around us!

I know many who have chosen their home-school children and most have experienced results like the family in this post. In my opinion, if people have children, part of their planning, as parents, should be a home school! Education and values ​​need to come from parents, not the "village". We can all see what happens when the "village" raises a child, they are either tortured and starved to death (Africa), or become self-absorbed "players" in the MTV, "Hip-Hop" generation. People shouldn't have children if they don't take the responsibility to raise them! Parents are the first teacher their child knows, and they should be last, especially when it comes to value!


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