Packaging Healthy School Lunches

For many parents, the happiest time of the year is when the kids return to school after the summer break. However, the challenge of packing healthy classrooms – which the children really want to eat – may put an end to the enthusiasm. As a school mom who has packed thousands of lunch, let me offer you some tips on fast lunch bag ideas:

  • Organize your kitchen so that you can find lunch. This means having a single closet where you keep your insulated lunch room, stainless steel waterproof, calories, renewable containers, plastic cutlery, etc. Get reusable containers for items like pears or plums, which tend to get fresh in bags. Not only will the children refuse to eat fruit, it will make a mess in the bag that you have to clean.
  • Take your kids to have lunch. The older they are – the more they should help to pack their own lunch. They are more likely to eat what you give them if they had said what is packed. Ask your children what they want and do not like and organize your shopping list accordingly (provided they have chosen a healthy choice).
  • Buy and prepare in advance. Wash and cut vegetables, or buy bites like carrots, grapes, cherry or pre-cut vegetables. Cut cheese into cubes; hard boil several eggs, pre cut fruit.
  • Have healthy snacks, such as whole wheat biscuits, granola bars, dried fruit, trail mix etc. in a snack cabinet. These tend to last longer, so you always have a good snack when you do not have time to run out of the grocery store. Buy custom-made items that are ready to throw in the bag, or get a small bag or reusable container to keep the snapshot.
  • Make an extra meal for lunch and keep your warmth in the morning and pack in a heat sink. Food that works very well are pasta, chilli, soups, fry etc. Throw whole wheat, pita wedges or biscuits and have a meal. (Do not forget to add fruit and vegetables for snacks). Remnants of meals can also be frozen and used for future lunch.

Prepare what you can for the night before, and avoid foods that are messy, have a strong smell or get rough. Neither you nor your child will be happy if most lunch ends in the trash. Organizing and organizing are the key to packing lunch that your children will love.


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