Online High School Education Vs Classroom-Based Learning

As long as a student chooses an accredited school to obtain a secondary school online, it will not affect the reliability of the diploma compared to the schools. He will also receive the same level of education as students who attend traditional educational institutions. The main difference, however, is that a student who chooses to study in distance learning will be able to take advantage of flexibility in terms of timing and ability to learn at his own pace from what he chooses.

While many parents of high school students are questionable about the online education system in upper secondary schools, recent research has shown that online learning can benefit students more than learning from traditional institutions. California State University at Northridge has found that students participating in online courses are testing 20% ​​better than their counterparts who have been studying in traditional classrooms. It also pointed out that distant students tend to be high achievers with more self-interest and discipline.

The results of this study show that students' attitudes and incentives for learning are more important than methods for delivering materials. This also shows that people change their views on education. Although there is no difference in the curriculum, such research has convinced that more and more people who are in high school in high school, especially when combined with effort and determination, can also lead to personal and professional success.


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