Online education and computers

We now use computers in our community that allow us to do a lot. However, in today's society, the kids go through their own education with the computer. It is now a network school, where a child no longer goes to school but students at home in front of their computer. Should this be how students learn and become educated?

We, like Americans, educate our children by putting them through the school year. Children are advised to go through a 13-year school. After completing a university, it is highly recommended to go further to university to become educated in certain areas. There are, however, thousands of schools in the United States. Therefore, students in many schools will learn different things. We gain our knowledge with many resources in these years. Teachers, other students, computers and much more are ways we achieve our education. Computers are a powerful addition to education and can be considered to be almost like the school itself. Computers have increased our knowledge very much since we have introduced them to our community and started using them in our daily lives. This is why we now use them very much in school.

Computers at school are used for many parts. Computers enable students to share education with others. Computers can greatly increase student writing skills. It allows them to easily edit things, crop objects from writing, and transfer them to different places, add images and many other features to write. Computers should be compared to libraries, libraries, newspapers, television and other information used in the classroom. Computer skills, however, do not represent any skills of the profession. Spelling computer skills, however, is much higher than most people can. It has almost been built into a dictionary that is not like a typical person. Students need to study to do research on the Internet, but also need to study the research books. Students also need to learn to use spellchecker, but they also need to learn to spell correctly and read their work without computer-based grammar. Students should be able to use the Internet for research, but should also know how to research books, libraries, dictionaries and much more.

Many children and their parents have chosen a new classroom other than going to school. Web schooling has become a great way for children to study without having to attend public or private schools. Many students are now studying through online schools where teachers and students present their jobs on the Internet. Teachers send schoolwork on a computer to their students and the student works the work on the computer itself. When the work is done, the student will send his work back to the teacher on the computer. This could make learning and teaching easier for both the student and the teacher. Also, allow the student to do many other things at the time that could increase their experience and knowledge.

However, there are many disadvantages to this type of study. If something would go wrong with your computer, such as any kind of little failure, it would really delay your learning. Computer programs that students will learn in a major change often. Another difficulty is that the student usually goes on his own to study the subject. This can be very difficult for a student, especially if the subject they are learning is very difficult for them and that is a difficult concept. Self-motivation is something that is very much needed when it comes to a web school. The student has to keep track of all his schoolwork when they can be easily mislead and not necessarily forced to do their work. If they do not follow it, it will leave them behind their work and become twice as trying to continue. These are all downfalls to have education based on the computer.

Society wants computers to do what they do best with student teaching also to do important tasks without helping a computer. An excellent teacher can do well with just blackboard and chalk and not perfect use of technology. Education and knowledge can come from many different places, people and things. While it is great to have computers beforehand, it is not necessary for the community to have education.


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