Nigerian stock market – Influence of information technology

The Nigerian capital market was not popular in military control; It was the time when very few wealthy people took advantage of the stock market. The majority of Nigeria was ignorant of the Nigerian stock market. With the advent of democracy, radical changes were introduced in the field of telecommunications and the consequences of stock exchange restructuring were made.

The major change that was purchased was the transaction on computers and transferred the transaction to investors and # 39; account within four days. This revolutionary need transparency in the sector. More and more Nigerians at home and abroad participated in the activities of the Nigerian Stock Market. Also, the use of information technology has helped to reduce fraudulent systems from the issue of households.

Securities Control System was introduced and monitors exchanges in a computer-based environment that shows all transactions and where all investors take care of a fair trading system. With the launch of Automatic Trading System, NSM automation was done. Subsequently, e-bonuses, e-allocation, e-dispute and e-IPO were introduced and implemented. The GSM operators had a major impact on increasing the credentials of this sector. In 2006, a networked alert alert scheme was introduced which introduced an increase in investor confidence in the Nigerian stock exchange.

The impact of information technology would be insufficient if it is not known about internet effects. The Internet has added transparency and a way to invest in stocks that can be used online to be part of daily trading in equity trading. In addition, you can get all information about the stock index, the amount and the value of the shares.

With so much information technology to get into business and information about the Nigerian stock market, every investor should be aware of how to use it for maximum benefit with the goal of making the most of it. This is just information to help investors know how to maximize their potential in the Nigerian stock market.

However, the impact of technological progress has not contributed to the development of this unity of the economy, as investors could take advantage of a low-rise equity price to build investment investment in Africa's largest capital market, as this complies with the principle of buying low sales as high as is anchoring shares anywhere in the world.


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