Modern Age Communications – Pros and Cons

Charles E. Redfield identified communications as a broad range of human differences between facts and views, not technology by phone, radio and the like. & # 39; He knew little to increase this exchange and to expand closely one is solely dependent on technology. From now on, the whole concept of communication has become. Information technology has developed so much in recent years that now people can sit in the drawings and witness events that occur in some parts of the world or even in bed. Borders do not limit barriers.

& # 39; Mass & # 39; refers to a common person in large numbers who are now equipped with enormous light to reduce ignorance. The source of light is modern technology of agents who have achieved daily programs such as native religion and culture. The Internet is addiction; television is chewing gum for eyes; economy is restructuring in e-commerce and communications is no longer a technical breakthrough.

Telecommunication, as Oxford says, is a distance communication, esp. by cable, telegram, phone or broadcast; or branch of technology that deals with such communication. Here are generally everything we get through communications technology. It has varied items, each consisting of its own pros and cons. So rather than generalizing the immense concept, you should rather understand the depth of each of these sections and the paraphernalia.

Print media proved its power long back when the newspaper held the hard facts of the Tipu Sultan in 1798. The British government had to be very hard to reduce the power of this strange medium. They immediately announced strict and strict actions such as the Bengal Press Act and the stone in history, language law. Words in all broadcasts live on time and die easy, but prints continue to last for many years. However, if books are very slow, newspapers are an essential part of our lives. Indeed, nowadays, the newspapers have proved accurate magazines that cater to the whole family, let it be children, mothers, fathers or grandparents. Especially with the new concepts, since all the newspapers are smudged with colors and floods with images, one must admit, an image is worth a thousand words. Nevertheless, it is always enough, there is limited liability for literature only.

Television covers all media because it gives you real experience. Even in hot months of May, it can shake you in December. It covers the edge of the print media, and in this case it is the medium that captures your attention rather than trying to focus on the medium. It gives you feelings in unmatched packages like combinations of colors, conversations, music, image, virtual atmosphere, sound, brightness, no characters and much more, all in all you are, instead of being watched, become a character throughout your organization. It is evident from the growing number of channels that television is an effective medium for reaching a common person and percolate the level of communication with the grassroots level. & # 39; Thanks, & # 39; came in as a breakthrough in the news system and raised the voice of individuals at national stables. Another great example to prove the giant power of these last days & # 39; & Idiot box & # 39; is the sensory disease and emotional shock that the whole nation occurred when Mihir Virani was killed & # 39; in & # 39; Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. & # 39;

The internet is a fairly new concept and technically the most effective. Since it has come true with a blessing like email, it has given us many prohibitions. Electronic mail has all the physical differences and lack of time. Needless to mention, all this was not possible without precise electronics at a time, and today there is a versatile storage, account and operating system & # 39; – Computer.

The deficiencies in technology can be identified and justified by two opposing patterns of theories. The & # 39; Hypodermic & # 39; or & # 39; Bullet & # 39; The theory reflects the fear or fear of the media used for massive propaganda. It suggests that messages appear like magic ammunition, shot directly into receivers that are thought to be idle and vulnerable. To simplify it, the media will be extremely powerful and consumers as accurate and flexible. This theory is easily condemned by the Individual Difference (ID) Doctrine and Personal Impact (PI) theory. According to each consumer's identifier, he selects medium exposure like his conviction and views (selected exposure) and locks in received messages according to his wishes, perception and needs (optional perception). PI explains the influence of inspectors on the masses and how the perception is changed.

The youth with specific exposure and perception and under the influence of leaders leaders grown to become adult adults and # 39; Every day we meet unheard and new psychological problems, increased cases of suicide and more and more patients with depression and AIDS. Although the problem can not be attributed to several factors, the main focus is placed of unconventional cultural influences that occur through the Internet, television and the media a total. The latest entries in this blind competition are mobile phones that have created havocs with unused and accessible services that are short messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS). They are raising debts every month with their camera technology that incorporates personal computers such as Kareena Kapoor and raise question marks about the common man with cases like DPS.

The media must appreciate the enormous power of bringing together the world. TV shows in America, miles away from India can be seen here with live broadcasts. In the frequency of emergencies such as tsunami, all television channels hold all of their most competitive contests and broadcasts. "Telethon" lives on 15 television channels simultaneously to raise funds for relief. In fact, this relief fund has been the world's largest museum. The world felt pain and grievances of suffering and manifested in their own prudent and subjective ways, whether large or small, representing the sadness and sorrow of the country through the nationwide. Recently, the earthquake in northern India has been handed over to all the media.

To to summarize a simple statement – a global village is now a renewal in a modern global city with enormous zeal, which must be controlled and checked for increasing powers, in order to keep it, not only as a short-term boon, but to make it impossible longer term.


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