Michigan Schools Shore Up Flawless School System

While other states and schools are looking for progressive and innovative ways to improve student and graduate learning, Michigan schools continue losing current failure, according to The Detroit News. Rather than adding existing systems, teachers and # 39; unions act as inspectors, Michigan schools seem to follow their rules and legislation continues to pour money into Michigan schools but complain that funds are limited.

First, money is not the case. Although inflation has risen by 21 percent, funding for Michigan schools has increased by 71 percent. The government finances school in Michigan annually in the range of 13 billion US dollars, and teachers in Michigan schools are among the highest employees in the United States.

The problem with the school system is that they do not work enough to improve the children. They have good teachers who work hard in their schools and contribute to helping students to excel under current policies and resources. The community should be very grateful for its dedication. Nevertheless, Michigan's schools continue to work under old standards – spread more money for teacher benefits (which teachers can also benefit from), rather than students.

The government recently approved a rise in student equity ratio that should be in order to improve student performance. Yet almost $ 216 per student allowance is an insurance company healthcare and retirement costs for Michigan school employees, according to the newspaper.

With a distribution cycle of almost 25 percentage points (some districts in Metro Detroit are as high as 60 percent), Michigan executives need to do some serious housecleaning on the current system. When the magazine explored the students and their parents, it was found that only 30 percent of parents demand that their children stay at school. Only 12 percent of students found a course challenging; 83 percent believe that their courses are not appropriate.

Teachers who talk about or try to change changes in the current Michigan school system are locked by strong, organized and vocal teachers. unions and school administrators in Michigan. They both seem as they are.

Some advanced teachers recommended that school level be restructured; The current payroll system for teachers will be replaced to pay for performance. and parents may send their children to the schools of their choice (charter, public, private or home school) – as is done in many countries. Teachers & # 39; unions soon ran this progress.

Teachers & # 39; trade unions do not give any specific clues as to why these suggestions should be taken into account or offer solutions, except for their recent proposals – ensure annual wage increases for teachers. They are hard pressed at the National Police to write a change to the Constitution, which guarantees funding for annual teacher increases. Where is an account?

With all the problems with student education, it is time for Michigan schools to stop giving teachers a feast and & # 39; unions and focus on improving student performance.


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