Mascot school and what they mean

Mascots are commonly used to promote school spirit. These icons and images give students a picture to connect when they think about their school and their team. Maskot is more than an animal or a person who painted next to the classroom.

For a long time, these symbols have been used to represent opposing sides, whether government or just because of competition, mascots have been used. Some of the most common mascots like an elephant to represent republic, or donkey to represent democracy means more than just a division between two sides. It may be said that the elephant is wisdom and the donkey introduces moronic behavior. This is of course generally, but these symbols give people breath.

The same effect occurs in schools. For example, when arrogant leaders said they do not necessarily say the name of the school, they sit with the name of the mascots school. These are symbols of respect, and can even be seen as a representation of how strong the opposition schools can be.

If you were in basketball at the high school, it would be easy to think that a team called honey bikes would be easy to work even if you take the same players and fits the team called the lion, it's psychological impact on students.

These simple presentations of the school are not just something that determines school text, they give students something to relate to. In school groups, a mascot becomes part of who you are. This becomes something that students relate to and know with. Similar to the army, navy or seamen, all members know who they have become by singing with the program.

This picture can also mean more than just team spirit. Sometimes there are indications of periods and current events at the time the building was constructed. Continue this, it's easy to understand why prison built became a schoolhouse would be called, freedom. Sometimes the schools are named after large numbers in history, for example, there are some names in school, Martin Luther King Jr. High, or other schools that may be named after the president and so. Many times, schools are given their name and mascot from an individual who helped to build and finance the production of the building itself.

Although uncommon, some schools do not have symbols as others may have. Many schools like music protection do not have one because the main focus is on musicology and so many private schools are also known to be without symbols to represent themselves. The reason for this is because many private schools work under the ideas of a particular religion, which makes the organizations name; The names of saints or religious computers can be transformed into symbols of representation, but it could just be a bit too uncomfortable in circumstances.

Maskotes are identified, they are symbols that people associate with; they are what students and parents believe in at major sports events. These symbols represent the school and the periods they were building. These symbols represent the school in one simple word, phrase or animal.


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