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If you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, you will need to know what requirements are required to get into the pharmacy. There are plenty of requirements so you have to plan and organize the courses accordingly.

Below are some requirements. Please check with individual schools for more information on various requirements.


1) 1 year biology – These should be the introductory elements. You may find that taking advanced biology courses can help you to test a medical exam at university (PCAT).

2) 1 year of general chemistry

3) 1 year of organic chemistry

4) 1 year of general physics

5) 1 semester of public speaking

6) 1 – 2 Communication Technology

7 ) The total number of humanities such as art, philosophy, history and so forth.


1) PCAT – This is great for students in preschools. Doing good can make your recognition in the pharmacy a reality.

2) TOEFL – This test is required for foreigners or international students

3) SAT – If you are applying for a 0-6 year program, you must take this test and do it well or your consent will be denied. This program is very competitive, the only way to get in is to get a high SAT level and a high GPA average


1) You should have experience working in the pharmacy. This is not really required, but it can only help you with the intake of a pharmacy school.

2) What are you interested in the Faculty of Medicine? The only true way to answer this question is by working or volunteering in clinical or retail pharmacies.

I hope this article will help you to answer the essential requirements needed to get into the medical school.


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