Lost High School Diploma

A matriculation exam is a certificate awarded to a student who has completed a high school education. This diploma is the minimum requirements that each individual should own while applying for a higher degree or work. A lost high school training is therefore a real problem in one way to a successful career. But there is no need for panic, as a lost school can be replaced by a copy.

There are a number of measures involved in asking for a lost schooling permit. A copy of the classroom analysis is the first fundamental issue that needs to be guaranteed before the mistake of the diploma is requested, as copies are the actual proof of discharge. In many cases, the exam is sufficient proof that the applicant has completed the graduation. Prints are available for a lower fee and will be delivered in a short period of time.

The first step to obtain a copy of a certificate is to submit a written application letter, or properly completed documents for application, to the relevant authority. A letter must contain one name, date of birth, date of diploma, including month and year, and signature. The applicant is to provide the address to which a copy of the diploma must be sent.

Fee is collected due to the replacement of a lost high school department. After that, you must submit a full application and proof of payment to the relevant department. After verification and approval, a copy of the certificate will be replaced by the loss of the upper secondary school. In parallel with the application and letter, the authorities in the high school will receive tangible evidence, such as a copy of a driver's license or photo information containing the birth date of one.

The entire process can take about three to eight weeks, as the certificate has to be ordered and printed separately.


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