Losing Your Virginity – Advising Girl for the First Time

If you are reading this and matching the situation, then the content is already in mind.

You may have read something about the subject, talked to a girlfriend who has passed the experience recently and heard about it at school. We hope to help you here with a short guide. It's for you.

First of all, you must find it right to do so. You DO NOT have to push it, or the experience will not bring you pleasure and good memories that you expect and deserve. You are responsible for your life and body. You really have to be ready for it.

If you've been masturbating, you probably have clitoral orgasm, so you know what's possible about emotions. You also need to know your own anatomy.

You know you have some external lips that cover the vulva and some inner lips that are very flexible. If your hymen are intact, you must also tear it with the accompanying emotions and bleeding. Find out.

In the second discussion, no sex if you have too much alcohol. You can get drunk and lose a lot of your court after drinking.

The third discussion is INSISTING about using condoms with your spouse. The reasons for this are well known, and certainly there is no excuse for not using it. You must protect. This is a worrying health, a great way to prevent conception, and generally a good idea as it will help slow down your spouse by disagreeing.

So get started.

You can't get too much premiere. This should be in the form of mutual kissing, erotic massage, exploring each other's body, seeing where each one is sensitive and having a crisp spot. Don't hurry. It will be over soon enough as it is.

Whilst you have foreplay, your womb will produce all the essential moisture needed. Believe us, because the winter is the better. You can't be too wet for the first time. If you're a little adventurous, ask your spouse to give you a cunnilingus, and if you can, give your partner some fatality. These are great signs of showing affection.

Get into it.

Make sure that after your prelude (and perhaps fallacy) you put on the condom if you don't already have one. The colleague can make the first move to go straight into a standard missionary position. Bad idea. It's the worst place to lose your virginity. You are not in control, and it will be painful and you cannot do anything except lay there and take it.
Instead of trying the girl to the top. Here you are in control. Your vagina has never had anything in it before (like the penis) and it must take it well … and it will.

If you're losing your hymen, you are the one who determines the speed and pressure that it does. You will not suffer, and if you are still not wet enough, you can apply a water-based lubricant in the vagina (eg KY). The work is quickly done, and you can find that shortening.

First, keep your spouse moving without pushing, just applying pressure but fully inserted into the vagina. As it begins to feel natural, you can start yourself.

At this point you can change places (assuming your spouse has uploaded) and go back. However, you do not sit in a simple missionary position, but slightly tilt the bone children up and ask your partner to postpone himself on the arm and not put on you … this when you press will eliminate both the clitoris and the G spot.

There are many variables here, but you lose a virgin, as we recommend, and you'll have fun memories in your mind instead of being imperfect or used.


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