Large parental parent and home school support

Long ago, I spoke to Grandma's grandmother, we were talking about volunteers. You see, I've always been a volunteer in society, mainly because my mother participated in such things, but I also know that it's right to do that. I smoked so wide, my mouth was wounded when she explained how she offered to help in local schools. The story is amazing, so let me try to give it justice.

When she started helping school, she did not really know what she should do, she was appointed as a teacher, and soon found out at least some stuff she was learning with the kids and she could not teach them. Sometimes she would ask the kids the question – in fact, they would try to explain her to her. Other children would try to explain and listen to the other children who explained the things, and all of them were suddenly learning in group situations.

Sometimes she calculated that the children learned more when they were teaching her what they were learning. Therefore, she began to ask those more questions, even when she knew the answer. She worked so well that she was offered back to volunteers even more, in many classrooms. Later she learned this policy for other senior volunteers at school and it turns out that the "grandmother's program" works very well. Now, if you have grandchildren and you are assigned to watch them while doing their homework, you could try the same technology at your home.

Kids love to explain how to do things with their grandmother, enabling them to be smart and allows them to learn faster. By asking questions, you can help your grandchild to discover the information so that they can explain it to you. This is something they will of course do, and it makes learning more fun. The reason I share this with you is because I think it's one of the coolest things I've heard and most of all, it works very well.

Whatever you are volunteering at school as a grandmother in your grandmother or if you work with your own grandchildren at home, I hope you will remember these new teaching methods and use them to help our children learn faster than their minds will be stronger. Be sure to think about this and consider everything.


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