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Information technology and communication systems are the hottest issues of today. Once the World Wide Web was invented, no one could guess its true potential. At first, it was just a source of any knowledge that exists. But soon it became a global forum that brought people from different parts of the world together. As the size of mobile phones diminished and GSM technology, call conferencing and video calling emerged, mass communication never achieved its true potential with these systems. It reached the world's capabilities influenced by social networks and various chat rooms. Here, internet surfers could search for and interact with just about anyone in the world. Public chat rooms served as a real place where someone could enter and speak their ideas.

Chat rooms began their journey prominently through a text based chat system. Later in 1980, such services were invented where people could sign up and interact with other people online in the same forum. Later, flexibility, rules, rules, and versatility of chat rooms developed. Today, internet surfers can create their own networks, choose their own avatar in their image, personalize and live in a virtual world where they can interact with other users. One can chat with anyone from all over the world, make and hold conferences. This feature of interest to such chat topics is the ability to create synonyms and chat with strangers. Online dating sites have become very popular among internet surfers as they provide people with the opportunity to find someone of opposite sex.

Many, especially teenagers, have become dependent on such chat rooms. With more graphical interface and jazzy additions, this service has been able to attract even more users than before. Psychologists have expressed concern that a significant public public prefers to live in this real world but the real world. On the positive side, it gives rise to socially awkward, shy and inspired people to come out of their shells and explore their unknown things. Many argue that online chat has helped them develop. Experts warn about getting addicted to chat rooms can have a very negative impact on the user, but they increasingly rely on increasing the scope of the human being.

Visual chat rooms use graphics and avatars in the user interface. Many instant messaging services also offer the ability to play games. In recent years, advanced online games on computer games have also emerged that allow many users to play in a common gaming platform, build a real world in true understanding and communication. While the primary channel of communication in the chat room is still a text set, voicemail, webcam, smileys, graphics and online games have prevented it from becoming obsolete and boring. They have given a new meaning to dating, sexuality and culture in culture. It's the most popular way to share ideas and discussions.


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