Is it a better way for a home school?

If you ask 100 homeworkers what is the best way for homeschoolers, you will probably get 100 different answers !

That's right! So what is the best way to do homework?

Your road.

What do you do? Better Way ?

  • You take into account the child's strengths and weaknesses when choosing what kind of work you need.
  • You enjoy learning right with your children.
  • No one knows your child as you do.
  • The child's band can be knitted into the school the day.
  • You can share your love with your children and call it "school".
  • You have to decide what day your school day looks like.
  • You have to choose whether to use a shrink curriculum or books form your library to teach your children.
  • You are free from the trap to measure your 11-year-old by the next 11 years you meet. They are unique.

It's a better way, because that's your way.

It's a journey, a process.

If you are something like me, your homework will be like your children and you will sit in the routine.

Homeschool is a living breath.

As your child grows and develops great interests, your school turns to them.

Don't let yourself get into a pre-packaged idea of ​​what your child should be. Yes, you need a basic goal for them to achieve, but so much of their education will be taken one way.


Enjoy your kids.

Embrace unexpected and take advantage of moments of interest and excitement.

  • Did your boys go home tadpoles from a friendship house? Search for YouTube and the Discovery Channel to find videos that teach about the life cycle of Frogs and Toads
  • Look for pages that have lilac pads on them to write down their observations.
  • Teach them how to study online to discover what these tadpoles need to eat to survive.
  • Visit your pet store and talk to the people there to find out more about frogs.
  • Visit the library and look at some books about the lifetime (butterflies, frogs, people, etc.).
  • Teach Venn diagrams and compare and burn frogs to another living creature. How are they the same, how are they different?
  • Make a lapbook.
  • Get a frog box and watch how frogs are compared to wild variety.
  • Let the kids create their own documentary.

Ride the frequency voltage as a surfer who has a perfect wave!

Embrace a better way to homeschool!


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