Information Technology Titles – Its Mad Mad World!

No other industry on this planet has changed and glorified the TITLAR nations like the information technology industry.

Before all forgotten story, allow me to give you an insight into the old and new titles of this fascinating industry.

I've started my career as a COBOL computer programmer in the information technology company in 1978 and I hope my little "dictionary" would be credible and fun. I also hope that some readers out there will be volunteers some new and old titles so I can update it and make it interesting to others.

Let's basically begin with the information technology company; management, system analysis, system design, programming, maintenance, operation, sales and procurement.

  • Chief Information Officer CIO – Data Processing Manager or Administrator Information Systems
  • Chief Architect – Senior System Designer
  • Chief Solution Architect (New) – Mixed Title Combining Design and Analysis
  • Chief Infrastructure Architect – Powerful Operator
  • Managing Director Information Security – Operations Manager
  • Technical Manager – R & D Manager
  • Purchasing Manager – Purchasing Manager
  • System Architect – System Designer
  • Computer Architect – Computer Programmer
  • ]
  • Technical Manager – Administrator
  • Information Security Supervisor Operator or Operator
  • Technical Architectural Operator
  • Operator
  • Leading Outsourcing and Off Shoring Thinking Leader – Dealer
  • Client Director – Sales Clan Strategic Account Director – "Persistent" Reseller
  • I e I'm sure there are more old and new titles out there that could add to this interesting high. Some industrial platforms out there should be able to feed in more of these titles that I could not be aware of.

    I hope you found this fun and fun.


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