Information Technology Policy for 2012

Let's reproduce very soon in 2011. If you think 2011 is a big year for social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we're right. Just looking at how much it affects events such as the Middle East rebellion and in the occupying Wall Street protests are just a few examples. So what will 2012 keep in the store for information technology?

Of the trends we have seen, we should expect mobile phones like Android, iPhone, iPad and other tablets to throw the most very heavy. The abundance of applications written for them to make the lives of ordinary consumers, business owners and companies of the world becomes overwhelming and that's good. Everyone requires the latest and greatest gadget to facilitate daily personal and business life, and it will not change.

In recent years there has been a lot of pressure on more cloud computing, such as cloud computing and cloud storage whether it's a business solution or for your personal music photos, etc. The importance of consumer development on the IT trend has been great. Companies have been offering additional shows for personal content like your business, no matter how small or large. In the media and broadcasts, cloud coding has taken a new meaning. Many startup manufacturing and post-production houses do not have the ability or financial means to purchase and implement transcoding farms, so for the services offered by third parties as cloud transcripts are a great compromise. I suspect that different types of clouds will be offered much more in the coming year.

There are many major changes in the technology industry. Expect to see more Apple innovation, more tables will be used in the office, Ultrabooks came as a new device that could possibly change the use of desktops in some cases. Large waiting for Microsoft Windows 8 desktop operating system, and tables are hopeful sometimes this year and of course we can not forget about RIM and many people wonder what's going on with the company.

It's definitely a consumer market now and all the latest innovations are driven by consumers. The big question is, information technology must be able to monitor the pace of technology around us. We will see in the coming year. Keep on getting more technological innovations.


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