Information Technology in the Indian Railways

We can observe the fact that we analyze the semi-automatic rail system, that it still lacks independence from human work.

Indian Railway is the largest government agency, with over half of its employees working on average only 6 hours of working hours. Now, this information points to waste of resources by not utilizing all of them as they could have been used.

Indian Railroad still uses FoxPro and some other ancestors & # 39; time soft product that can be replaced by an existing bunch of efficiently soft product with some policy towards it.

Indian railways control over even one part of the system by maintaining this large number of employees. Now, if they have great management positions, the whole system is fully automated, is no more challenging task for India. Although India is one of the leading nations in information technology, systems like railways are very easy to implement.

With the right technical support in India, you can change the traditional old system in the current update. For example, if we want to change from FoxPro to Oracle, we could think of the right sides to put and edit all data in Oracle databases.

While thinking seems to be much easier than implementation because if we will implement a new system then we need to train all the employees who have worked on the old system. This training can be seen as a cost or long time benefit for the system by the government of india is another matter.

With this article, I would like to encourage young guns from India to make the country from development to developed country.


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