Information technology affects the security industry

The security industry has evolved for thirty years, which has become a part of people. With the development of information technology, information technology has gone into different areas. From the technical point of view, the information has been mixed with high definition, remote control and networking; From the point of view of the market, the security industry will have so many opportunities for people in the field of information technology. The internet makes this industry transparent, so someone in the area can easily find the secret. The Internet also affects the price of products. I will list some examples to explain the effect below.

First, the change is from simulation to digital formation. Digital technology has so many advantages in comparison to conventional simulation technology; Therefore, its application to the shooting equipment is a must. The technology of the shooter is relatively mature, which has not so much technical barrier. New companies are entering this industry, so the price will also decline in the future.

Secondly, the DVR. The fierce competition causes many new products to serve this industry, such as DVR and NVR. DVR can not fix constantly changing demand if upgrading is not taken. Furthermore, information technology is progressing, so the performance of DVR is improved. More and more competitors make their prices low.

Third, the chip that makes high-identity and spying is real. With the development of compression methods, the cost of the tiles is reduced and 4CIF becomes generally. The content of the last video is based on the computer program, which can relieve people's burden but can not reach a sudden event. DSP makes video analysis accurate. The connected integrated circuit is TA2009 .


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