Information Age Policy

We live in the 21st century. It's a great time. It is a period of information age and technology. Communication devices, faxes, cell phones, laptops, computers, PDAs that download and send email, internet, DSL and modem connections, video conferences and pagers have changed today in a negotiation. This is temporary access to demand, nano-latter technology and instant gratification.

Technical progress has been good for documents, but they are less so in negotiation. Like fine wine, some negotiations need to get to reach them. Negotiations, lists should not be accelerated. It's a natural natural pace with the process and boycotting what drives it to the base cars.

Compressed time in an electronics world today takes the finesse of negotiations. If you want to barter, lie for the nano-latter technology. If you want to negotiate face-to-face meeting part of your strategy and save time-consuming technology for the procedure.

There are times of technology is useful. Make sure you use it for your benefit. Do not succumb to the expectations of others to do it just to make them happy. You are entitled to your privacy. Use email to continue the case. Use US Mail to buy time. Use the internet to investigate your opponent. Make sure you do not have too much information about the network & # 39;. Do not scan through the documents on the screen. Print and read important documents. Take a moment and check each important paragraph.

Do not provide your email address or fax numbers. Give it only to those you want to have unchanged access to you.


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